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Disable 3G LG Vu Plus (GR700)

Disable 3G LG Vu Plus (GR700)

I live in an area that doesn't have very strong reception, but because the phone has 3G it is constantly searching for a 3G signal. Because of this the battery dies in about a day. The phone is a corporate phone and data is disabled, so no 3G is fine for me. I've read online about some other LG phones that have a hidden menu by entering a code such as 277634#*#. Is there a code like this for the Vu Plus?

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Re: Disable 3G LG Vu Plus (GR700)

Should be the same code.

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Re: Disable 3G LG Vu Plus (GR700)

It could be that it is the same code and because it is a corporate phone the menu is disabled. The best fix would probably be a MicroCell, but 150 bucks for our phones to work? A good idea for AT&T is to let a user rent a MicroCell for a monthly fee, it would be like subsidizing the cost of it.

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Re: Disable 3G LG Vu Plus (GR700)

hey there...i was wondering the same thing...finally got it.


Select Dialing Button
- Dial “3845#*700#” (you will then be in the engineering menu)
- Select “Modem Setting”
- Select “Network Mode”
- select “2G Only”


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Re: Disable 3G LG Vu Plus (GR700)

Just tried this but the options in Network Mode are either select CS Network, PS Network or Combined.  Which one is the 2G?  Thanks.

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Re: Disable 3G LG Vu Plus (GR700)

Unfortunately after some research it seems that changing these modes does not switch to 2G or 3G network modes only. But, if you go to 3845#*700# -> Modem Setting -> Band Selection -> 2G 850 or 2G 1900 (depending on the network in your area, mine are all 850 and 1900 so either works but 850 has better penetration so better range). This seems to make it work, and if for some reason you are finding that you don't have service in an area that you usually do then you can try the 2G band that you aren't using (whether it's 2G 1900, 2G 900 or 2G 850).


When I switch it to 3G 850, the signal drops to no bars and when I switch it to 2G 850 it almost instantly jumps to 3 bars. Hope this helps others.

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Re: Disable 3G LG Vu Plus (GR700)

Thanks for the help.  Only thing that worries me is getting in an area and finding I can't pick up service and then not remembering the sequence to access the menu.  Smiley Surprised

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