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Did anyone go from iPhone to Tilt 2?


Did anyone go from iPhone to Tilt 2?

So after much deliberation I'm considering trading in my iPhone 3g for the Tilt 2. I had an 8525 for about a year before the iPhone 3g came out, camped out the night before it came out, and have had it ever since. While I enjoy the customization enabled by the jailbreak, I've grown tired of the virtual keyboard. I RARELY use Safari and actually prefer Opera Mobile to Safari anyway. The only apps I really use (other than games) are Facebook and eBay, and I'm sure there are suitable similar apps for WinMo. The 8525's keyboard was nice, and while WinMo could get a bit bogged down at times, it was nice to be able to go into the task manager (or whatever it was called) and close out apps you didn't need. I could sell my phone for about $300, and upgrade to the Tilt 2 for $200...So I'd even make a little profit on it. I'm looking for some opinions from people who made the switch from the iPhone back to a WinMo phone. Anyone?
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Re: Did anyone go from iPhone to Tilt 2?

I didn't go from the iPhone, but my wife does have the 3Gs.  And I upgraded from the Tilt to the Tilt2, and have the following observations:


Windows Mobile 6.5 and the hardware is much snappier than my old Tilt (running stock ROMs on both).  And reviews I've read say that 6.5 is more responsive than all past versions.  The phone will lag a bit from time to time.  But in general, the response is pleasant.


The keyboard on the Tilt2 is excellent.  Even better than the old Tilt (which is the same as the 8525).  The phone length/width is considerably bigger (giving you a much larger screen) but thinner.  So the bigger footprint gives you a larger keyboard as well.  If you like the keyboard on the 8525, you will love the keyboard on the Tilt2.


I've been comparing Opera versus Safari, and haven't found there to be a huge difference in loading pages, as some claim (running stock Opera).  Re-rendering after zooming is definitely faster on Safari.  But actual download of pages seems very similar in speed.  Performance of Opera seems to be somewhat inconsistant between users.  For instance, some say that IE is faster than Opera on the Tilt2.  Meanwhile, on my Tilt2, Opera is pleasantly speedy, and IE is agonizingly slow.


Support from software developers is certainly lacking compared to the iPhone.  Some WM versions of popular stuff is available.  Facebook is built-in to the Tilt2, but doing a quick search, I don't see an eBay app.  I've actually been having problems refreshing the Facebook app on my Tilt2.  Although I'm not a huge Facebook user, and haven't taken the time to look into this yet.


I personally prefer the ability to customize and tweak WM compared to the more closed iPhone platform.  Its not for everyone.  But if you were a heavy tweaker on the 8525, you will probably welcome back the ability to tweak almost anything on the phone.


Obviously lacking the iTunes connectivity, the Tilt2 is still a very good music player.  Sound quality is vastly better than on the old Tilt (even running SRS WOW on the old Tilt).   And the built-in player works pretty well (or you can use MS Media Player, and plenty of 3rd party players available also).  Playing mp4 video works pretty well.  But other formats (such as AVI) requires Coreplayer, and framerate can be sluggish.  Given, I don't encode my  videos specifically for the mobile platform, and don't intend to.  Haven't had a chance to compare playback of the same videos on the iPhone yet.

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Re: Did anyone go from iPhone to Tilt 2?

Does WinMo finally have native YouTube support?
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Re: Did anyone go from iPhone to Tilt 2?

The Tilt2 has a built-in YouTube app which works quite well.
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Re: Did anyone go from iPhone to Tilt 2?

I went from an iphone to the Tilt 2 and I couldn't be happier.  Where is the built in YouTube app?  I don't seem to have one intalled?!?



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Re: Did anyone go from iPhone to Tilt 2?

kolson76 wrote:

I went from an iphone to the Tilt 2 and I couldn't be happier.  Where is the built in YouTube app?  I don't seem to have one intalled?!?



The YouTube app is there, its just "hidden" (not shortcut in the Start Menu).  The way to add it to the Start Menu is discussed in the thread below:


 But to summarize:


demonic_pascal wrote:
If you go to through Opera (or any browser I would guess), you can watch youtube directly in your browser at decent quality. However, the Tilt 2 comes with htc's own dedicated YouTube client, it just isnt in the Start menu. If you wanna add it to your Start menu and give it a shot, goto Start > tools > File Explorer >  Windows folder. Scoll all the way down and there will be a YouTube application. Copy the shortcut (the smaller file) and paste it into the Start menu folder near the top of the list. It should then appear in your Start menu next time you open it.
Message Edited by demonic_pascal on 11-01-2009 08:31:05 PM


Also, the ATT Proxy seems to interfere with downloading the videos (even though it lets you search them just fine).  You may need to disable the ATT proxy by running the CAB located at Start>Tools>Proxy Manager.  This seems to work for some, but not others.  In my case, the proxy kept restoring itself every time the phone was powered off.  If this is true for you, you will need to edit the registry as follows:



Vendetta wrote:

As I mentioned earlier, the Tilt 2 OEM ROM includes a pretty cool YouTube app located in the Windows directory. However, sometimes it would work, and sometimes it would time out on attempting to connect to play the movie.

Here's what I learned while getting the HTC YouTube application included in the OEM AT&T ROM to work perfectly.

The value in the registry needs to be modified:
ProxyName = (default value) needs to be replaced with [BLANK].

This value is intermittently restored, so it is nececssary to change a few others to prevent that.

The value at
proxy = (default value) needs to be replaced with [BLANK].

The value at
Proxy = (default value) needs to be replaced with [BLANK].

The value at
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Apps\Esmertec Java\Properties = (default value) needs to be replaced with [BLANK].

Changing these three values will prevent the YouTube proxy from being restored. However, this will prevent the Opera Browser from connecting when the phone is connected via Wi-Fi. In order to fix this, the value at
ByPassProxyForNonGPRS = 1 (default value) needs to be changed to 0.

These changes have been in place on my phone now for more than 24 hours and have survived several resets, power cycles, and tower changes.

Good luck and enjoy the included YouTube app without a hitch!





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Re: Did anyone go from iPhone to Tilt 2?

I think IE may play youtube videos.  I can't check right now though, because it's just do slow of a connection.
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Re: Did anyone go from iPhone to Tilt 2?

How come the sound on the youtube app doesnt work for me?
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Re: Did anyone go from iPhone to Tilt 2?

Very weird.  And the sounds works on everything else?
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