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Did AT&T royally screw up your iPhone 4 order (Post your horror stories here - mine is bad!)


Did AT&T royally screw up your iPhone 4 order (Post your horror stories here - mine is bad!)

So I called AT&T on 6/25 to order my iPhone 4. I was porting my number over from another carrier and after speaking with 2 AT&T reps - yes 2 - they managed to screw up my iPhone order REALLY BADLY:


1. Even though I requested the 32GB model, somehow, they ended up ordering me the 16GB iPhone. This one KILLS me (I was TRYING to give them more $$$!). As many of you know, the 16GB has a longer ship time, so I am essentially now waiting longer to receive a phone I don't even want. AT&T's solution: They told me they couldn't "do anything" since they had already put the port request through for the 16GB, and that I'd have to bring the 16GB model to an AT&T store (mind you I'm in NYC area where the stock is probably at its lowest) to trade it in for a 32GB...because you know, the availability of stock at the stores is so great right now... The real kicker: I actually caught the woman on the phone putting through the request wrong when she told me the final total price. She told me she had changed it to the 32GB model (and tried talking me out of buying 2GB data over the 200MB)...then she called back 20 mins later telling me she was "very sorry" and had already put the request through for the 16GB and there was nothing that could be done at this point.

2. Same woman also gave me the wrong data plan for the phone. I specifically ordered the 2GB and when the details of the new service came through over e-mail, it was showing charges of $15/month for data, which i specifically knew was the 200MB plan. A quick call to AT&T straightened this out, but seriously -- SERIOUSLY?


Of course, they already charged the credit card for all of this. I am coming over from another carrier and already so annoyed with AT&T. Anyone else have an iPhone 4 horror story like this? I'd love to hear it (just to make myself feel better at this point).

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Re: Did AT&T royally screw up your iPhone 4 order (Post your horror stories here - mine is bad!)

Nope. I ordered 3 via the premier website. Got 3 32gb units. Got the exact plan I ordered. Ported 3 numbers via very helpful rep following Sunday (yes, Sunday!)


So far, AT&T's been pretty good, actually.


I'm not sure why you'd call someone and tell them what to enter on a form to order for you, when you can just fill out the form yourself and be sure. Apparently there are risks doing it that way.

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Re: Did AT&T royally screw up your iPhone 4 order (Post your horror stories here - mine is bad!)

they don't charge your card until the phone ships.

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Re: Did AT&T royally screw up your iPhone 4 order (Post your horror stories here - mine is bad!)

I called because I had no other option really. Trust me - if I can do it myself, I'd rather follow your model. Basically, I was having issues with AT&T's site and it was rejecting the port request.


That being said, this is BASIC customer service. Let's face it, their only goal in that phone call should be to get your order RIGHT. The thing that really angers me is that AT&T is unwilling to do anything about it. They've basically made it my problem now to go search around Manhattan to find the phone. Or waste time ordering a new one from a store, waiting for it to be backordered (again), waiting for it to be shipped, etc. etc.

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Re: Did AT&T royally screw up your iPhone 4 order (Post your horror stories here - mine is bad!)

O yeah, here's the letter I sent to the BBB.


I pre-ordered two iPhone 4’s on June 16th, 2010. I did this through apples’ website as AT&T’s was down.  I ordered one for my line as well as my husbands, both of which were eligible. Right from the get go there was nothing but problems, there was a constant hold on my orders, so I ended up cancelling the first order and picking up the phone elsewhere. Now to the real problem, the original ship date for  the second iPhone 4 which was linked to xxx-xxxx, was supposed to be July 14th, although because of a hold that no one could tell me what was for it got moved to the 21st, and then to the 27th.

            I have called customer care numerous times during this time to try to speed up this process, there were even multiple calls with both Apple and AT&T so that they could speak together. On July 22, 2010, I finally got through to a call center location that was willing to do something other than shrug off my problem. I dealt with the manager James extensively trying to figure out this problem. The only thing they could figure is that my bill that had just been cut (not even in the mail yet) was showing up as a past due balance. James told me that if I paid it the hold would be released, of which I did. We then waited about an hour so that all the systems synched, and he verified with Apple that the hold was off, and that I would get my phone by the 27th, of which was yesterday. He stated that he would call me back today to verify that I did in fact get the phone, which he hasn’t thus far.

            Here’s the good part, on Friday the July 23rd, I receive an email from Apple stating that my order is CANCELLED. I call them immediately and they said that there was nothing that they could do about it unless I wanted to reorder it of course. I then call AT&T and speak to a gentleman that lets me know that he has never seen a manager go so above the call of duty to try and help a customer. He then explained to me that the phone order had to be canceled so that James could push through the order expedited. He said that I was welcome to call Apple although they wouldn’t be able to see anything other than a canceled order. He assured me that the order would be here by July 27th and if it were not to call back again.  So I was satisfied with this until on Sunday I realized that my card had not been charged yet, which was odd. The more and more I thought about it, I kind of felt duped by this gentleman. So I called AT&T again, then I was informed by this CSR that he did not know what the other man was talking about, and the only thing I could do would be to re-order my phone and wait even longer than I already have. I then asked to be transferred to the supervisor who was nothing but rude and wasn’t willing to help at all.

            As I am trying to be patient and await James follow up call, I call up AT&T again last night, speak to a super nice girl. She tells me that I am not able to upgrade as when we did a change of bill name it pushed our upgrade date back three months, but in reality it pushed it back six months apparently. Although when transferring bill liability over I specifically asked the store if doing this would mess up my iPhone pre-orders, and they stated no, it would affect it at all as we still had the same cell numbers. I asked the CSR if there was anything to be done and she consulted her manager of which said yes he would let her rollback my eligibility so that I could get any phone at full upgrade cost, except the iPhone of course and by doing this she said I wouldn’t qualify at all to get one period, so that was out of the question. She offered to credit me $25 for my trouble which was really nice, as she was the ONLY person to offer anything to me for my 10+ hours on the phone.

            I then called the Florence, KY store to ask why I wasn’t informed about the rolling back of the upgrade date, and explained what had happened. Noah the gentleman I dealt with told me to come up today, June 28th and he would prorate the phone so that I could get it for the price I should have in the beginning. So today I go up there and in the end he didn’t have to prorate anything as for some reason my eligibility is now okay. So now I have my phone ordered for the second time, hoping that I will get it soon, only to find out that it is backordered. UPDATE: It came off backorder today, and should be here Friday.

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