Device upgrade challenges


Device upgrade challenges

Hi Folks,


Has anyone encountered ongoing issues with 1) contract has ended 2) well past the 2 years since you have upgraded your phone and the 'Upgrade' access simply does not work ? I have five lines, three meet conditions 1) and 2). It is amazing to me that the 'Add a new line' (more net revienue) feature is quick, robust and always accessible. However, the 'upgrade the phone I have' feature just seems to not behave. I would be quite disappointed to find out that ATT is manipulating access ... or is it that ATT's customer service has just been overwhelmed by its size/growth. I am close to leaving ... 9 years onboard, $350  - $450 per month in charges - I thought I was the type of customer ATT was interested in keeping.


Thoughts ?

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Re: Device upgrade challenges

Can you please give us a bit more information about what happens when you try to upgrade?


Are you getting an error message or does the site not load?


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