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Details about $39.99 postpaid plan


Details about $39.99 postpaid plan

Hi ,


Recently I was suggested to take $39.99 (450) plan by a friend.

But I've few questions on the plan :


-Do I get charged for incoming calls?

-Do I get charged for incoming SMS?

-I understand there is something called 450 anytime minutes?what does that mean?Does that include both incoming and outgoing call time?

-So if i don't use all the minutes ..does it get carried over to next month?

-Any incoming ( from anywhere) and outgoing (within US) is free from 9 PM to 6 AM?


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Re: Details about $39.99 postpaid plan

 Both incoming calls & outgoing calls count as minutes. Except for the free nights & weekends. Look at the details of the plan.  (click on theWireless Home link above) No extra charge unless you have exceeded the minutes.

You will get charged for incoming texts, unless you add on a text or data plan.

The minutes do get carried over.

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