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Dell XPS M1530 and AT&T


Dell XPS M1530 and AT&T

I live in a very rural area, but the coverage map said I could get AT&T, so I am scrapping my old Gateway computer and low speed dialup for the new Dell... What a disaster.  I ordered it online and the tech said I would have to go to AT&T to have a chip put in.  I went yesterday and they installed a sims chip in the battery compartment.  Got home.. nothing... Called Dell and was chastised for having AT&T put in the chip when it should have been put in at the factory.  I told her the tech said I couldn't and she said that was a lie.  Called AT&T support and they said the salesman gave me information for a phone, not a PC... Called the store back, got that fixed, but still nothing.  Then the salesman said I should have had a CD from Dell for installation.  No CD.  He said I'd have to come back to the store for a CD.  On Dell's website, and after chatting with their tech help, they didn't mention the sims card but said I'd need to put a broadband card in the express slot.  When I got the computer, they send me an express card remote for that slot.  I still have no internet on the Dell.  Each company is going back and forth about what I can do.  I spent almost $1200 on this custom made thing, and my friend went to Walmart and got one for $650, went to AT&T and got the card which goes in the express slot, and she is happy as a clam.  In the meantime, my dialup speed suddenly went from 19 kpbs to 38, and now I am reading that I may only have 38 with the laptop because of where I live.  However, I take care of my grandchildren in a place that has all bars bright orange, so I can get on there... BUT STILL I HAVE NO ACCESS.... Anyone out there have one of these new Dells?  When I went to the AT&T store, all the salesmen were passing it around and oohing and ahing, saying it was the first one they'd seen.  I thought they've been out since November.  Did I get rooked again?  Should I send everything back and keep my gateway on dialup?  I am getting frustrated.  Or should I get hughesnet and a modem?
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