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Re: Deleting email accounts from HTC Tilt 2


Deleting email accounts from HTC Tilt 2

My HTC Tilt 2 phone has 3 email accounts set up on it. One MSN Hotmail account and 2 personal accounts. One I set up myself and it works just fine but the one my friend (who also has a Tilt 2) set up for my school email account doesn't work. (I believe it's supposed to be under an IMAP account type instead of the POP3 account its set up under. I could be wrong, I'm not overly cellular device saavy. ) I've tried going into the account set up but it wont let me change that type and from the messaging menu of all my accounts even when highlighted and I hold it down no pop up menu show up and the delete option at the bottom left is greyed out.


Any remedy for for deleting personal email accounts without completely doing a Hard reset?

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Re: Deleting email accounts from HTC Tilt 2

Connect through active sync and try deleting accounts that way.

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Re: Deleting email accounts from HTC Tilt 2

Open the account you are wanting to delete, select menu, scroll down to tools, select options, click and hold the account name you want to delete, a pop-up will appear to delete the account, click delete and ir will be gone.

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Re: Deleting email accounts from HTC Tilt 2

THANKS for that advice!!!  I have been searching for this answer for months.  Finally can get rid of an account I don't want shown on my device.  HTC doesn't tell you anything about how to do this.

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