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Deleting email account on Tilt 2


Deleting email account on Tilt 2

I saw the thread where it's suggested you go to "mail setting / tools / options", which would be cool, if I could find  MAIL SETTINGS anywhere on this thing. (For some reason, I'm not allowed to add to that thread, so I started another clone.)


All I'm allowed to do is ADD another email account, I can't delete an existing one.


Please help before I drink more coffee and smash this thing.



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Re: Deleting email account on Tilt 2

Have you tried deleting the e-mail account through activesync? Sorry but 99% of the at&t store "techies" don't know crap. Let me give you an example I was at an at&t store last week looking at phones. I have an up grade coming up in a month. one of the guys start asking me what I was looking for I said maybe the samsung galaxy or I might wait for a windows 7  phone he replies the Aria is a windows 7 phone. I didn't even try to explain what a windows 7 phone is to him. I really didn't want to waste my time. It's like going to best buy and trying to get advice on home theatre equipment. You just don't do it.

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