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Deleting Emails on device

Deleting Emails on device

I have an Epic Touch phone and use Outlook on my computer. When I delete emails on my phone I would like them to stay on my computer and vice versa. Does anyone know if this is possible?


Thanx for any help


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Re: Deleting Emails on device
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Re: Deleting Emails on device

Thank you I will try this. I'm pretty sure 'leave a copy on the server' is checked. The other day when I deleted a message on my phone it was also deleted in Outlook (2010). This morning I deleted some from Outlook and they were still on my phone. They no longer showed in 'bold', as if they had been opened, which is fine. I just don't want them deleted from either device until I delete them. Thank you for the info. I will post a reply if it doesn't work.



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Re: Deleting Emails on device

' Leave a copy of messages on server' is checked in the setting. However, the link was for Outlook Express and maybe they're all the same, I have Outlook 2010, not Express. If I delete an email from my phone, it's also deleted from Outlook o my laptop.  If I delete an email from Outlook on my laptop, it stays on my phone. I want that to happen both ways, the email not be deleted from either until I delete it.  Thanx for any suggestions/help.

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Re: Deleting Emails on device

I haven't used Outlook Express or Outlook in quite a while. I do know that with the Android system, that if the email accounts are set up as IMAP, you can look at an email (not opened), select 'move to folder,' click on it, then select the folder you want to move it to. That way, it is no longer on your device, but resides in the selected folder on your desktop/laptop account.

Just sharing...probably not important in this instance.

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Re: Deleting Emails on device

Thanks for all the suggestions, although nothing has worked for what I'm looking for.  Cat Sad  I just want emails to stay on my phone and laptop until I delete them for each device. I was able to this with my BB and my previous Android phone, but I was with a different email carrier also, so maybe you just can't do that with AT&T.

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