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Delayed Messages


Delayed Messages

Hello~ Lately, I have been having issues with receiving messages.

Well, I'm texting (Email rather) someone overseas (Japan)

I can send messages/emails just fine. Also, I have unlimited text. 

She replies to me by my mms address and lately, I don't  receive some of her texts until like....12 hours later. 

I have Samsung Strive, and...she has an iPhone (Softbank)

Can anyone please help me with this issue? It's very frustrating. 

Much thanks!


Also....I've even tried restarting and everything >~<

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Re: Delayed Messages

Sounds like it might be a network issue.  But its hard in these cases to determine if its AT&T's network or on Softbank's side; and they will likely blame each other.  Try calling AT&T customer service and explain your problem, and see what they can do.  Ask you friend to do the same on her side (call Softbank), and hope for the best.

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Re: Delayed Messages

I am having the same problem, delayed text, if i even ever get them.  And my signal randomally will just drop for no reason in places i get great signal.  I have contacted AT&T a few times but they have yet to do anything about it.

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Re: Delayed Messages

are you using the email to sms/mms address to send or get the messages? if so try messaging her directly and have her reply or message you directly and sé if there is any type of delay (technically sms/mms delivery to the recipient can take up to 24 hours domesticly or longer for international usage).
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Re: Delayed Messages

I took another users advice and went and replaced my SIMS card and im getting all my text and MMS messages now just fine.  So it looks like that fixed my problem.

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