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Defective Infuse??


Defective Infuse??

So i am having issues with my phone. I really love the phone, but these problems are starting to be more frustrating.  First, my HDMI output works 20% of the time. I checked cords, etc, and even use my friends infuse, and everything worked perfectly with his, just not mine.  Also, whenever i try to software update, it scans then completely stops scanning and says to scan again.( tried this numerous times, every day). Friends infuse, updated automatically. My 30 days is coming up and i dont want to live 2 years with a phone with problems.  is it worth to pay the $60 dollars restocking fee to replace my infuse for a new one?

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Re: Defective Infuse??

If it's defective, you should not pay a restocking fee. They will probably try to do it, but you should fight it. They tried it with me, and I called them on it, and they didn't charge me.
I too am having an issue with the HDMI adapter. I try to watch a movie, and it will only play on the phone. It tells me to close the app, on the TV screen, otherwise, it will only play on the phone.
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Re: Defective Infuse??

The HDMI out is supposed to only work with DRM free files. At that I think that's what I have read.

What does the user manual say how you can use the HDMI out?
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Defective Infuse??

The manual is pretty vague. It only tells you how to set it up. I was trying to watch a movie from Samsung Media Hub. I would think you could view that on your TV... And it was a Samsung TV too.
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Re: Defective Infuse??

Maybe they are only letting you watch the content that you record with your phone...I havent tried to watch movies like that yet...When I do I will post a update

hope it works for me

I think i will try to watch something from youtube tho...I dont have any movies loaded on my phone or sd card yet

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