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Dear AT&T: "LG Phoenix related"


Dear AT&T: "LG Phoenix related"

I'm upset with a feature you have locked out of this phone, and why you locked it is beyond my comprehension.  Under /settings/wireless & networks/mobbile networks/ you have locked out options within the "Network operators" menu.  In this menu, the ability exists to choose to force 2g/3g network connectivity.


This ability is available on versions of this phone from other carriers, but you have locked it out on the version of the OS you have installed on this phone.  This along with sideloading (Which admittedly you re-enabled with release 2.2.2) is a feature that would benefit some of your users.  I personally live in an area with shoddy 3G reception and was able to disable 3g on my old phone to skirt the issue.  The other benefit this provides is battery power savings.


I don't know if anyone who is even in a position to do anything about this looks at this forum, nor am I sure that anyone in that position would care.  Regardless I kindly request that you make this feature avaiulable on your next software release for this phone.

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Re: Dear AT&T: "LG Phoenix related"

Have you tried any of the applications available in the Market that reportedly can switch between 2G & 3G?

Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Dear AT&T: "LG Phoenix related"

I've tried a couple of them and my understanding is that they depend on there being a certain directory structure in the menus to enable the shortcut.  Suffice to say, that the feature that I want to use normally exists on a lower level menu on this phone on other carriers.  As they have blocked access to the two directories within the software, none of the apps work for their intended purpose.

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