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Data plans question


Data plans question

I thought I'd ask a customer before I asked customer service...


Hi, I only just started a new AT&T account this spring. My first month I had it as the 2 GB Data Plan for Smartphones, and then I didn't use much of the allotted data, so I changed it to the 200 MB Data Plan for Smartphones for my second month. 


But now I've used more data than I expected...and I think for my next month I'll want to go back up to the 2 GB plan after all. 


What I noticed is that I cannot currently change it when I go into "change features." That's probably because I literally just signed up for the 200 MB Plan and they don't want to lose their possible overage fee if I go over the 200 MB or whatever. (Which would be only $5 more than if I was paying for the 2 GB plan, but still. Ow.) 


What I'm wondering is when will I be able to change it back up to the 2 GB Plan? Later in the month? Later in the week, after my bill for this month is processed? I have this paranoid thought I won't be able to change it at all. I don't know, I know that's foolish. 





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Re: Data plans question

if you call in you can have it changed back to the beginning of the bill cycle or when it was changed whatever happened last.
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Re: Data plans question



And I was just gonna say, before I read your reply, I looked and now it has the other plans available on manage features again today...

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