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Data plan resumption


Data plan resumption

MEMO FOR RECORD: Today I put my cell ph on freeze so I can resume the same unlimited data plan when I return from my military deployment. Just making sure this is recorded because the email notification I just received does not mention this. Can you please verify I'll be able to resume that same data plan in 6 months?
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Re: Data plan resumption

 yes you will be able to.

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Re: Data plan resumption

Not so quick. Your going over seas and coming back to same place yes you should be fine. I came back in December to a new place. Took my number out of suspension and lost my data plan. Did not realize until about two weeks later while moving and i got a text message from att telling me i just busted my limit of 3GB. Just be careful bro, any number change or any slightest account change and they will try and take that from you. As a matter of fact i am on the phone right now with a customer rep still trying to get my unlimited back. Good luck

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