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Data expiration on a prepaid smart phone


Data expiration on a prepaid smart phone

Hi, I would like to purchase a smart phone.  I am planning on using the $.10/minute plan for voice and understand that the minutes will rollover if I continue to buy minutes before my expiration date.  However, I can't find any information on when data expires, if I need to renew it every month, or if it rolls over.  All I can find is that prepaid data ranges from $5 to $25.


Can someone explain how this works?  Thanks.

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Re: Data expiration on a prepaid smart phone

Hi!  I use pre-paid data, so I feel I can answer this question for you.  Your Minutes run different then your Data or Text.  When you buy Data (I buy the 10mb for $5.00 *) if I buy again in 30 (28 to be safe) days, it rolls over.   If your Data or Text package expires you loss all your remaining balance **


So if I buy 10mb on the 1st of march and use 9mb I have 1mb  left.  If I buy another 10mb by March 29th I will have 11mb. But if I wait until March 30th to buy again  I loss the 1mb and will only have 10mb.


Check your Added Features on your My Account page to see when they expire.


The Good-news is if you all ways keep your balance up on your cell phone plan you can set up auto renew.  I put $25.00 on my account every 2 months * and can load my features twice with it ***.


NOTES *, **, and ***


** Minutes $25.00 last 90 days.


* Text 4.99 = 200 last 30 days

 * Data 5.00 = 10mb last 30 days.


*** All 3 roll over BUT if your minutes expire before your feature packages do you loss your features I found this out the hard way.  


I hope I answered your Question


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