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Data connection on htc vivid


Data connection on htc vivid

Just got my HTC vivid on Sunday... Notice that I am have issues with the data connection. Sometimes it connects and works very good, but then its like it just looses data connectio... I'm not in a 4g LTE area but I do have great 3g reciption. I had the phone and sim card replace and still I am having the same issue... I notice other people are having this issue with their vivid and even people with the skyrocket are having the same problem ... Hopefully att can come out with a fix very soon .. really considering returning my device and getting the galaxy nexus on Verizon ... Tired of att and there bull....
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Re: Data connection on htc vivid

Data doesn't really reliably work on the Vivid. As you say, Skyrocket users are having the same issue. Presumably AT&T will work this out over time, but if you need reliable data service, I'd stay away form these phones until the kinks are worked out.

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