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Data Speeds: Crippled to 300k/s UPLOAD MAX. HSUPA Disabled.


Data Speeds: Crippled to 300k/s UPLOAD MAX. HSUPA Disabled.

This seems to be an ongoing problem for all of AT&Ts new android devices, but most prevelant is the new Inspire 4g and Atrix 4g in which for some ungodly reason HSUPA is disabled in the modem firmware.  What this means to us customers is we are able to still get great download speeds, but our upload speeds are CAPPED to a max of 300k/s.  This results in poorer performance then expected, increased latency, and in all a less capable device.


To make an example, I am an early adopter of the Motorola Atrix... coming from both a Dell streak and HTC Nexus One on ATT I am well aware of the performance of the network in my area.  Using the android application speed test.net, I am regularly and consistantly able to obtain results of speeds showing 2500k/s download speeds and 2500k/s UPLOAD speeds using the Dell streak OR nexus one on the EXACT SAME sim card, APN settings, and location as I use my ATRIX in.  However when using the atrix for the last day, with over 25 simultanious tests... I was only able to obtain results of at best 2000k/s download speeds.... and the shocker A BEST OF 107k/s UPLOAD SPEEDS.  Keep in mind this was with full signal in the same exact location back to back as the dell streak using the same sim card.


These results are abismal.  They point to a flaw, likely encouraged by AT&T.  For what ever reason it was decided to cripple the upload speeds, it is a poor reason.  THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED.  THIS NEEDS TO BE CHANGED.  IT NEEDS TO BE DONE IMMEDIATELY.


Please post if you have had similar issues if you have an Atrix or Inspire.  Install speedtest.net app from the android market and test your self! 


This is a call to action for AT&T.  Please do not disappoint your loyal customers, all we ask is for a properly functioning data connection to be fixed!

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Re: Data Speeds: Crippled to 300k/s UPLOAD MAX. HSUPA Disabled.

And when they correct the issues when the new "4G" phones, those of us with other capable phones can complain about ours nto getting the speeds we should! Ah, it will be fun to see more complaints about the Captivate. I look forward to seeing better speeds on mine, but will it happen? Really doubt it. But still, the new of the new should be faster.

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Re: Data Speeds: Crippled to 300k/s UPLOAD MAX. HSUPA Disabled.

I think the wireless service providers are missing a golden opportunity if they do NOT delivery on promises for faster data speeds.  Comcast, Cox, Time Warner and the likes would LOVE it if the wireless folks never achieved steady downloads of 5+ Mbps.  Right now, in my area, Comcast is sitting pretty, gauging customers for service with no competition (though Direct and Dish are making inroads due to pricing). 


My cable bill and cell phone bill are the same which is ridiculous.  Both services have issues but to tell the truth I have bigger issues with what I pay to watch the 4 or 5 channels I actually watch than what I pay AT&T whose service I use top to bottom (text, calls, web, etc).


If I could trust AT&T not to jack up service prices (a small increase would be understandable) and rescind on my unlimited status, I could dump Comcast altogether, use AT&T for my Internet connection and use streaming services instead.


I'm seeing this as the future.  Are the wireless providers?  Are the cable companies?  Of course both Verizon and AT&T offer wired/ground TV and Internet services.  Cannibalism anyone?


NOTE:  My up and down are still the same.  I.E. no HSUPA update or enhanced backhaul yet.

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