Data Plan Rollover

Data Plan Rollover

So I am nearing the end of my billing cycle. I have used 2967 MB of 2048 MB this month on my iPhone. So I have been charged $25 + $10 for the additional 1028MB. In 117MB I will be charged another $10. If this happens, from what I understand even though I will have paid $10 for another 1028 MB I will not get to keep it after my billing cycle is done. Is this correct? I have like 2 days left on it. I am getting used to dialing *DATA# on my phone.


Does this seem fair to anyone? To pay $10 for what could amount to 1MB of data? No rollover? To me it seems like price gauging. I mean 250MB is $10. 2 gig is $25 and 1 gig for $10. If one gig is worth $10 then how can 250MB be equal to $10? It seems to me if data were a commodity, which it should be, then the price structure is not equal. It just does not feel right to pay $10 for what could amount to be 1MB of data. Things need to change. I wonder if we all got together could we as consumers affect their pricing structure? Does that work?



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Re: Data Plan Rollover

No, data doesn't rollover.  People in the earlier days complain how the $30 data was expensive and prohibits them from buying a iPhone.

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Re: Data Plan Rollover

The iPhone gives you plenty of warning when your going to go over, just control it. You get like 3 notifications before you go over.

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Re: Data Plan Rollover

I used to have the unlimited plan, but I left for one month and couldn't get it back when I came back. This is a complaint about the current pricing structure. Data should roll over if there is no longer an unlimited plan. It is only fair. That way I will not end up paying $10 for 1 meg of data. It is ridiculous.


As even more video services like Netflix come to the iPhone there will me more and more people complaining because 2 gig is not enough. I have reasoned that 3 gig is ok for now and I have no problem paying $35 a month for 4 gig. But paying $45 a month for 4 gig is too much, when I can get a clear4g hotspot for the same price for unlimited data. I would if I didn't have to have a data plan on my iPhone. AT&T's pricing really needs work. I am willing to bet there will be a class action lawsuit regarding this. That is all I've got to say. 

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Re: Data Plan Rollover

Be happy they aren't charging you $10 for every 200MB over the 2GB.

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Re: Data Plan Rollover

Data carryover would be great. Especially if you don't use a lot of data. But it's not offered. I have unlimited and it's worth it not to have to worry about going over.
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