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Data Overages on Galaxy 2s


Data Overages on Galaxy 2s

I am a new customer to AT&T. For the first two months I just barely went over my 2G plan limit. I thought that I would only need to cut back on listening to Pandora because I do not stream video's yet. This month my phone has been raking up major data usage (6000mb) and I am not streaming music or video unless I am using WI-Fi. I have no clue what is going on. I have turned off my packet data but when I turn it back on for a short period of time (2 hours) I am using up to 500 mb. I am at a loss because I am not doing anything with my phone I did not do in the first couple of months with this company. I called AT&T and they deducted $10 from my bill but can't tell me what else to do with the phone. Today I see that I should turn off the background data so I have done that. I hope this is the solution. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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Re: Data Overages on Galaxy 2s

If you are still on the 2.3.4 firmware originally came with the phone, search here for AP Mobile data usage problem. It's a known issue which is address by the new 2.3.6 update AT&T is pushing down right bow. However, 2.3.6 has its own set of problems like short battery life etc. So you can't win either way.


You are lucky for the refund because AT&T knew about the AP mobile problem. Otherwise, you will have to pay the overage yourself. Sooner or later though AT&T will stop that refund as the new firmware does fix that problem.

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Re: Data Overages on Galaxy 2s

I have a grandfathered unlimited plan, but my S2 seems to be eating tons of data.  I've never gotten close to 2GB prior to this phone and now it has happened the last two months in a row.  I keep getting slowed down when I get to 2GB.  My guess is that since this area is now LTE, either it is loading more standard sites instead of websites built for mobile phones.   I don't like being metered and have to figure out a way to use less data.

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Re: Data Overages on Galaxy 2s

A few other threads have tips on apps you can get from the Market to track WHAT is using data.


While overall the Galaxy S II is an incredible device, AT&T keeps on screwing up the firmware, putting in major flaws that don't exist in any international variant.  There is no way to get a properly operational GSII without voiding the warranty of the device and rooting it - and this is 100% the fault of AT&T themselves.


UCKH7 (original stock firmware) - AP Mobile widget eats massive amounts of data.  No fix for normal users.  Easy fix for users that can root - nuke the widget.  There was also the lockscreen security issue, but this had an easy workaround for all users.

UCKK6 (the December OTA update, built by Samsung at the end of November) - Basically, everything related to wifi and Bluetooth is completely screwed up.  Bluetooth HID (mice/keyboards) completely broken, and the wifi chip wakes up the CPU all the time causing MASSSIVE battery drain issues.  Unlike the one tiny flaw with UCKH7, UCKK6 is completely broken.  Unfortunately you can't refuse the update indefinitely without rooting either.

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