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Data Loss


Data Loss

Well I'm new to this but I am very curious to know has anything been found on what the issue is with the internet access on some of the skyrockets and the vivids? I lost my internet connection on Friday the 25th and have not gotten it back. An AT&T employee posted that the LTE PTA APN is what is causing the issues.

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Re: Data Loss

ok...I am so glad to hear I am not the only one. 

I have the Skyrocket and my data stopped working at midnight on Thursday/Friday.

I spent 3 hours in AT&T and they even exchanged my phone....still no data. 

The rep called CS and was than transferred to tech support. They all threw in the towel. 

Apparently, tech support sent it to the dept above them....whatever that may be. 

They gave me a resolution date of 11.30.11 ..... frustrating!!! 


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Re: Data Loss

I found a fix for it on the xda boards.
It works now!!! At least until they figure out the LTE business.
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Re: Data Loss

Well for now it looks as if mines is back up I turned off my wifi and Im getting LTE signal. Im getting ready to leave from home and will see if I still have signal. It has been very discouraging that no one figured this out sooner But we will see what happens. I just hope that god forbid this happens again they dont take so long to figure it out!

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Re: Data Loss

Please share. Pretty please!
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