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Damaged Phone Replacement


Damaged Phone Replacement

I have been a loyal member of AT&T thru changes in their names and services over 13 years. I have always been a voice of support in the service that my cell phone provider supplied. My bill has always been more than a 100.00 a month. I have had a Pixi since May and now it is malfunctioning. I am a nurse and my phone fell in water while providing patient care. I have called and spoken to 3 representatives who have given me no hope for replacement. I have been told that I can purchase a phone but there is no replacemnt possibility and even if I purchase them I will have to sign another 2 year contract. By the 3rd call I was in tears and my operator offered me no hope. I have been layed off 3 times in three years and can not afford a new phone. The first representative at first gave me hope and asked me what phone  wasI interested in, that she could do a early upgrade, at that point I wasn't sure because the Pixi had been too small for my 40 y/o eyes so I asked if she could call me back and she agreed at 3pm that afternoon. So i went on-line and chose the Blackberry and she called me back and when I told her she said ok that will be 400.00, how would you like to pay for this item? and no option for a replacement for the upgrade of 2 more years, no.My two sons are on pay as yo go plans that are not AT&T because of their problems with loosing, dropping or generally wearing them out, it is easy to replace at 50.00 and their bill be just 50.00/month. We had AT&T pay as you go with our oldest son and you had to be on a automatic withdrawal and a signed plan. I am planning on changing mine and my husband's service to one of the pay as you go plans so if we need to delay our bill or replace our phone it will not be this hard and cause this much negative emotion. Loyalty from the customer is not awarded from AT&T.

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Re: Damaged Phone Replacement

AT&T is a business and need to make a profit to stay in business. When you buy a phone, you pay a subsidized price in return, you sign a 2 year contract (in order for AT&T to recoup the cost of the subsidized phone). If AT&T gives you a subsidized phone every time you lose or damage one, they would be out of business.
You should have bought phone insurance and it would have replaced your phone (for a deductible price) Since you didn't have insurance you need to pay full price to replace your phone.
You can buy a cheap phone to get you through until you are eligible to upgrade.
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Re: Damaged Phone Replacement

 Smiley Mad  Not everyone can afford insurance.  {Please keep it courteous}.

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Re: Damaged Phone Replacement

Insurance is $5 per month. Speaking of affordability, without it phones cost hundreds. If anything, insurance saves people lots and lots of money. OP was upset that AT&T won't give them a phone to replace a damaged one, next time she will know her options better and will hopefully realize that something like insurance is actually a very good deal for her. I'm sorry OP, this is the time when you have to take responsibility for your actions, AT&T was a very "loyal" service provider to you for 13 years, no one owes anybody anything.


{Please keep it courteous}

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