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Daily Show Reacts To Verrizon iPhone

Daily Show Reacts To Verrizon iPhone


With as many people who follow Jon Stewart, I'd say this is gonna hurt.

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Re: Daily Show Reacts To Verrizon iPhone

It is very funny!


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Re: Daily Show Reacts To Verizon iPhone

Yeah, John Stewart is hilarious.


It'll be even funnier to see the complaints Verizon will be fielding after this gets underway. I find that many, not all but many complainers are just that: complainers. And that means wherever they go, whoever they deal with, they'll do what they do best: find a reason to be chagrined about some perceived slight, and complain.


Again. I'm sure there are legitimate complaints here, but for some folks there's absolutely no pleasing them, and it'll be absolute entertainment to see them in action on the Verizon boards which I will most certainly sign up for, just to be have a laugh.

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Re: Daily Show Reacts To Verrizon iPhone

I feel pretty sure that the people who watched the Daily Show and were interested in the iPhone on Verizon, already knew about it and had made their decision.  I really can't see many people who had no interest or were on the fence suddenly tip on down to Verizon to be first in line just because Jon Stewart did this bit.  I know this may be hard to believe, but I doubt this bit is going to "hurt" AT&T in any way.


I notice that he conveniently doesn't mention any of the drawbacks of VWZ, like no simulataneous voice and data, limited use outside the US, the EFT and need to buy new equipment for swappers, etc.  I'm sure a lot of people "follow" (watch) the Daily Show, but I suspect very few of them are going to put down the cash and base their phone choice on his comedy bit.

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Re: Daily Show Reacts To Verrizon iPhone

No doubt. I think most see it for it's (warranted) comedic value. And I'm sure there's a number of watchers who commiserate with him on his feelings on the subject. But you're right. I doubt there's any real impact from these kinds of things, either way.
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