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Current MicroCell firmware version v.2?

Current MicroCell firmware version v.2?

Hi Folks,

First time on the MicroCell forum. I'm wondering what the current firmware version for the MicroCell is, and how to find out what my MC's version is? Also, where does one find and download the current firmware online? And finally, what's the process for updating the MC's firmware?


Thanks in advance! 


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Re: Current MicroCell firmware - results

Last Tuesday, the voice quality on my microcell improved dramatically. I have a whole lot less incidents of garbled voice from the remote caller. People still occasionally complain about echo. The 370 ms one way latency is intolerable.


Dropped calls are about the same as the macro network which does not say much. Your are more likely to drop calls if you walk around because of how the dynamic power control works.


The real answer is Unlicensed Mobile Access (OMA) or Generic Access Network(GAN). It works over wifi which is ubiquitous, with no specialized hardware that you cannot manage. Subscribers can seamlessly handover connections between wireless LANs and wide area networks using a GSM/Wi-Fi dual-mode mobile phone. T-Mobile offers this with the Blackberry.

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Re: Current MicroCell firmware version v.2?


dellsweig wrote:

chkptco wrote:
There is little info on this device. It's very difficult to trouble shoot...that being said, the lack of user access to the device is a good thing.

The microcell is a security device. It's a VPN box. AT&T is smart not having any network services running on the's a VPN client....that's it. Depending on how you deploy the microcell, it could be outside of a firewall, facing the Internet unprotected. Running even a small web server would be a bad idea.

I would like to see device information on the AT&T microcell configuration firmware, voice stats, data stats, uptime and errors. This would help the end user engage tech support.....and I'd also like to have a number to microcell's impossible from the microcell page to find a support number.

Here are some cisco links that may help


Thanks for the link...I've already perused the docs.  They give some good info.  But back to mine and other's point....there is little diagnostic information to be obtained from and end users stand point....they need to put a customer facing, front end to the Broadband Access Center that gives E/Users basic information. 



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Re: Current MicroCell firmware version v.2?



You are obviously an employee of AT&T.  What can you tell us about the update that's apparently been distributed to select markets?  I heard that this was an attempted fix to all the issues people, such as myself, are having with there iOS4 devices.  Any further info on when this update might go national?

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Re: Current MicroCell firmware version v.2?

Mazmaximus wrote:



You are obviously an employee of AT&T.  What can you tell us about the update that's apparently been distributed to select markets?  I heard that this was an attempted fix to all the issues people, such as myself, are having with there iOS4 devices.  Any further info on when this update might go national?

ATT Network Engineering told me that the recent update (last Friday) only addressed time related (and location) where the Microcell was located near a time zone boundary


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Re: Current MicroCell firmware - results

DO NOT BUY A MICROCELL.  [Keep it Spam Free] I put too much hope in the firmware update in my earlier post. I unplugged my microcell last week, frustrated with dropped calls, echo for the far end party and garbled voice on my end. Now I am back to just contending with poor coverage within sight of an AT&T billboard bragging that they cover "97% of Americans"

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Re: Current MicroCell firmware version v.2?


dellsweig wrote:

The device is locked down for security reasons. There is no web server imbedded in the device.


Tier 1 is worthless, tier 2 and network have access to the diagnostics the device provides internally including firmware version.


That's my only nit to pick with it.  There should be an embedded web server to simply provide status information.  No need to expose a configuration interface to the users, but a status page would be quite useful.  Since the femtocell runs Linux under the hood, this should be reasonably trivial to implement.  After all, the device already provides instrumentation data back to some sort of operations center already.


The fact that I've got absolutely no idea what it's doing is the reason my Microcell lives in its own vlan that has absolutely no access to my home network, other than Internet access.

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Re: Current MicroCell firmware version v.2?

My microcell lives in the box it came in because I have unplugged it. I have worse service with it than without it.

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Re: Current MicroCell firmware version v.2?

kayakjamie: totally agree with you, my phone have 1 bar signal and it still work better than the stupid microcell, not too supprise that att didn't do anything about it. the larger the company grown the worse they'll get.

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Re: Current MicroCell firmware version v.2?

AT&T Exec.s take note.  This posting illustrates a much larger challenge for your company than just the topic being discussed.  It speaks to your culture and the way your customers feel about you as a service provider.


IMO, you will not be around as a company in 5 years if you don't make immediate changes at the core of your business.  A very large generation of people (read: customer base) continues to age while smaller generations of younger customers take its place.  These more recent generations of customers will not tolerate your arrogance of telling them what's important and what they can and can't have, as the author points out.


AT&T, you have some very big challenges ahead of you, but you also possess some huge advantages.  Many of us will be watching with great expectations to see how you reinvent yourselves.


As a stock holder, I wish you luck.  As a customer, I encourage you to be quick about it.

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Re: Current MicroCell firmware version v.2?

I am reminded of the scene from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly where the commandant of the POW camp tells Angel Eyes that he intends to haul him before a Court Martial. Angel Eyes (played by Lee Van Cleef) grins and replies, "I wish you luck."


AT&T has made it clear that not only do they not care, but that they have no intention of ever fostering any sort of culture of empathy for their customers. Their metaphorical Titanic is grinding up against the iceberg of customer dissatisfaction and they're ordering the stokers to pour more coal on the fire.


AT&T and Verizon currently offer the perfect Morton's Fork to their wireless customers. AT&T's network has the reliability of an Alfa Romeo with sand poured into the crankcase, but on those occasions that it DOES work, it's very fast and you can use data and voice simultaneously. Verizon's network is slow as molasses and can only do one thing at a time, but it actually works properly.


I presume that my next phone will be an LTE iPhone. I'll likely have a choice of provider, when that happens. AT&T might surprise me and make a remarkable turnaround. But if they don't, then I can absolutely guarantee I'll stop taking the blue pill and take the red one instead.


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Re: Current MicroCell firmware version v.2?

Same. Mine is unplugged at the moment. I would rather deal with 1-bar of service vs. "5 bars" of service with audio dropping in and out for the other end. A complete dropped call is much easier to deal with as opposed to "Hey ____ when are you ____ going ____ _____ ____. Just wondering."

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Re: Current MicroCell firmware version v.2?

what are your internet speeds? I'm sure your internet is fine but I've been noticing while troubleshooting Microcells that customers with issues, their internet connections at the time are below the recommended speeds:


1.5 mbps/sec download

256 kbps/sec upload

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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Current MicroCell firmware version v.2?

I'm not having nearly the problems that some of you are having. I get a few more dropped calls at home, but this is likely because I'm on the phone more at home, so notice it more often.


My big problem is nearly every first call i attempt to make times out or takes about 60 seconds to place. Once that happens I'm usually ok.


I actually have to wait for a call to time out first though. If I hang up, try again, hang up, try again, etc. then I never get through. i tried that for 10 minutes once just to see if that did anything.

Did I mention all of my lights are solid green? No problems there.


Unfortunately service is So bad at my house that I'm stuck with microcell. I get zero service in 80% of my house, so I couldn't even walk around if I was on a call.


I have an iphone4 if that makes a difference too. Usually when I get super annoyed I use the Mark the Spot app to strongly {word filter evasion} (couldn't spell that correctly) about it. But usually I don't bother, because I'm trying to Call someone. ha.


I would Only recommend the MicroCell for people who have no other choice. And if you have no other choice, they should give it to you. I had a deal where if you signed up with their useless 20 dollar plan you get a 50 dollar discount, and if you recently signed up with internet with them (and I did) you get a 100 dollar rebate. Wouldn't you know it, that's the whole cost of the unit. So i had nothing to lose but 20 dollars and some tax. I cancelled that "unlimited" plan right away. I don't use the minutes I Have. And if I did I'd just use my data plan to talk instead of the phone. There's Always a way.

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