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Cruise Ship Rates


Cruise Ship Rates

I am going on a Royal Caribbean Cruise next week, and I would like to know...


1. How much does it cost to send a text using the "Cellular at Sea" network?


2. How much does it cost to receive a text using the "Cellular at Sea" network?


3. Does it cost money for me to have my phone on?


4. What about my data plan?



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Re: Cruise Ship Rates

Standard roaming rates for phone calls while on a cruise ship is $2.49 per minute.
Texts are $.50 per message sent. Photo messages are $1.30 per message sent.
Standard data roaming is $20 per MB.
You can view the rates at

Currently, there are not international features that will discount the rates while on board the ship.
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Re: Cruise Ship Rates

But how much does it cost to receive a text?

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Re: Cruise Ship Rates

The reason it's extremely expensive is due to the costs involved for the remote transmission of the cell site back to a landline country. All of this traffic is transported via satellite (shot up thousands of miles/km into the air) and then downlinked via a massive satellite downlink cluster in a land-line country connected to fibre optics.


Great for assurances in an emergency you can call/text/use data though.

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Re: Cruise Ship Rates

Receieve is either $0.50 or FREE for most mobile operators. Since it's in the middle of the freaking ocean it's probably $0.50.

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Re: Cruise Ship Rates

Actually it's FREE to receieve from land.



*Messages received while on 
the cruise ship will continue to 
be charged at your normal 
domestic rate.

*Messages received while on the cruise ship will continue to be charged at your normal domestic rate."


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