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Coverage Upgrade Promises, promises!


Coverage Upgrade Promises, promises!

I bought an AT&T phone in the summer of 2008. I knew we didn't have 3G coverage in Kokomo, In the 1st time around but actually asked before my 2nd purchase. "December 2008" was waht I was told. In June I was browsing my local AT&T store and once again inquired as to what happened to the "December 2008" upgrade promise. Thus far no 3G and barely any service at all. None where I live thus I have to buy a landline. We have 4 lines and 4 completly difference phones and no coverage. The store rep told me that the Centenntial Wireless purchase and changeover to AT&T slowed progress and by december we would be on 3G.


Again I waited. Again nothing. I called this last summer and asked for a specific date as that rep told me she had no idea about any such December promises. She told me 8 new towers will be online and provide better coverage for voice and 3G will be online NOVEMBER 2nd 2010...


Novemeber 26th 2010 I called and of course got a different person that ekpt pointing out to me she "...knew nothing of any such promises made." to which I replied that she did now as I was informing her of such. More than a little irritated at this point I asked again for specifics.


She tells me 1 tower on Dec 1st, 1 tower Dec 3rd and 2 more on Dec 30th around my home with 4 more to follow for this community. She even gave me the general site locations.  Wow, great news eh? It is now December 22nd 2010. Wanna guess if I have ANY more coverage than the average 1 bar and and intermittant EDGE data signal?


What a complete bunch of crap. This last lady told me I "...wasn't forced to buy an AT&T product."




Wow, what awsome service. I signed these stupid contracts based entirely on the garbage tha AT&T reps were passing out about what my coverage WOULD BE SOON. That was 2 years ago.


I don't expect any useful reply to this but I wanted to post my experience for anyone else tempted to buy into the AT&T Proimise of a brighter future...

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Re: Coverage Upgrade Promises, promises!

Unfortunately as you found out your warning is a good one. Smiley Sad  Don't ever base a contract decision on promises of what will be in the future - if you are not happy with the circumstances as is - move on to another carrier, or obtain service from your preferred carrier on a "no commitment" basis instead.


Even where it is company representatives telling you the coverage will improve substantially.  Store personnel are compensated on a commission basis (at least in part), which gives them an incentive to misrepresent or not fully disclose the facts.  (And in all fairness to them, they may be only going by what they have been told as well.)

There must be a happy medium somewhere between being totally informed and blissfully unaware.

     - Doug Larson

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Re: Coverage Upgrade Promises, promises!

I've noticed the same thing in Orange County (CA). A few specific places where coverage is atrocious, usually to the point of calls always dropping at exact spots (one on the 405 freeway, on of the countries busiest freeways!). 

Even noticed the past year that there is a very poor signal in many of the ATT branded stores as well! I'm guessing they used to use repeaters to boost in store performance, wondering if something would prevent that.

Neither case is good for ATT, regardless of the upgrade promises. But it does seem more and more akin to what you see on the Facebook page. Statements like "we'll be sure to pass along your thoughts to the proper department and take it into consideration"......

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Re: Coverage Upgrade Promises, promises!

Unlike you, I have held off getting an iPhone specifically because there was no 3G in Kokomo, but I do have an iPad with 3G capability that I got this summer.  Like you, I have been pestering the local store for months.  Back in Sep, they said Tipton was getting upgraded first and then Kokomo was next.  I believe at least one tower in Tipton area is 3G now, but not sure if entire area is.  Early Dec I spoke with Mona (I think that was her name) with the Kokomo AT&T store and she said she was being told by the end of December Kokomo would be 3G.  She was confident that we would start to see something switched on by Dec 17, and the entire area 3G by year end.  On Dec 31 I went to the AT&T store with my iPad and sort of half-jokingly told them that it was only a few hours left for 2010 and that Kokomo was supposed to go 3G by then.  The lady (not Mona) was not amused (probably sick of everyone asking the question).  Her canned response was, "not going to happen by end of 2010, and not sure when it will happen."  I said, "Are you serious?  No clue when?" and she repeated the statement, so I told her AT&T had better hope to get 3G in Kokomo before Verizon gets the iPhone or they will lose a ton of subscribers and I walked out.


Pretty pathetic from AT&T.  I am ready to make the leap but Edge connectivity on my iPad has been pathetic for months now.  They better do something fast or they will be in big trouble.


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Re: Coverage Upgrade Promises, promises!

And this is why it is against policy to inform you of upgrade dates but everyone seems to do it anyways.


Unfortunately, the above poster said "they will be in big trouble" there is nothing you can do. 

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