Couldn't pop my sim out?


Couldn't pop my sim out?

Got my iPhone 4s on the 14th but had to remove my sim to fix a network problem and it barely came out when I used a push pun.  It said on the screen NO SIM FOUND so I knew it was out but I couldn't pull it completely out on my iPhone 4s.  Couldn't even get my nail in there.  Anyone know why its so difficult to pop out the sim?

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Re: Couldn't pop my sim out?

spd2demun wrote:

Great it worked!  Good to know the hole is not a different size, so will be looking to aquire one, somehow. Smiley Wink 


All I can say is I feel cheated in not getting one. 

I know I didn't get one with my iPhone4 and I don't think I got one with my 3GS either. IIRC, I did get one with the 3G though....


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