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Could happen

Could happen

Read an article yesterday about Microsoft looking to hire people to possibly code the XBox Live

(or whatever its called these days) sevice in to Windows Mobile. This is planned for WinMo 7.

Question is, how many people would play games like this, on your phone? I know I would.   Smiley Happy



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Re: Could happen

That kind of game support on WM would be amazing. It would make iPhone owners shut up about

all their "apps".  When they say "apps" they really mean games.  Have you really seen any iPhone owners

use any apps besides games???  Maybe Facebook here and there, or a weather app.  But mostly its about the games.


But I just don't believe it would happen.  MS had all kinds of  hype about the Windows Mobile Marketplace,

how it would compete with the iPhone App Store.  And its just been a big disappointment.  Marketplace won't

even let you install to your SD card, which is a total joke!  And the apps have just been slowly trickling in, and

are mostly of low quality.  Its obvious that MS is not giving WM the support needed to compete with any of the

other platforms and app stores.  Everyone has MS beat in the app store department (iPhone Android, Blackberry, you name it)




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Re: Could happen




No offical word from the site itself though...but anyone interested can try the XBox apps...



My thoughts however, are still mixed on this. People still make claims about the high usage of

iPhones as far as data is concerned. Taking that, and adding something like this, may be a very

bad idea. Now, data transfers of games is far less than say, downloading or streaming music.

But still, its going to be an increase of internet traffic. That said, we (those of us here at AT&T)

would still NEED a better device, with higher memory and processing to handle such a thing.

Well, for good gaming action, anyway. MS Hearts is still good enough to play on my



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Re: Could happen



I know I'm not the target demographic for cell phones these days - fifty-something, couldn't care less about facebook, twitter or games.  My web-surfing is confined to mostly news/sports/weather sites and the occasional Google search.


Keep your games, give me better integration with MS-Office & MS-Outlook on my company-provided laptop.  I work in mainframe tech support for a major IT service provider and I use my phone as a business tool. The only game I ever play on it is Sudoku.  I've seen iPhone apps that do 3270 emulation - I could actually use something like that on WinMo.



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Re: Could happen

Thanks for linking the articles.  It seems MS is poised to do SOMETHING with Windows Mobile and XBox Live.  Whether it really pans out, remains to be seen (I'm keeping my fingers crossed).  Right now, the number of WM devices sold is around the same number as iPhones sold (although the iPhone will probably take a lead soon, if not already), but its still so small a portion of their business that MS just doesn't care that much.


My Tilt2 is suitable hardware to play some decent games.  Xtrakt, Experiment 13, and NFS:  Undercover all look nice, run well, and are fun on the Tilt2.  These games prove that WM can handle something better than low-res, low quality side-scrolling beat-em-up or shooters that seem to litter the WM game market.

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Re: Could happen

Its official, XBox Live is headed to WM7 in some form or other:


Although its annoying that this article states  "limited compatibility could be a draw back"   and  "only lists Windows phones as compatible mobile formats".  After all, market penetration of the WM platform is approximately equal to the iPhone, in the last stats I've seen.  Nobody complains about "limited compatibility" of iPhone apps.

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