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Corrupted Battery Screen


Corrupted Battery Screen

Samsung GS2...

If you go into Settings ->Applications->Battery Usage and tap the battery graph, do you get a corrupted screen like this?  You can actually see a tiny bit of blue pixelation on the Battery Usage screen, just under the graph, too.







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Re: Corrupted Battery Screen

The screen will look weired but not corrupt. You just need to know what those dots mean. All GingerBread phones show the same thing as this. Don't worry.

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Re: Corrupted Battery Screen

Don't worry, be happy.


I just need to know what the dots mean?  Well, apparently they mean the display is corrupted! 


See the picture I just took of the same screen on a display model at the local mall....




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Re: Corrupted Battery Screen

The store demo is running on wi-fi with no sleep and screen on all the time. That's what it is. The blue dots means when the paticular activity is on. Trust me, you don't want yours look like the store demo: 1. you will run out battery very quickly 2. you will have sever screen burn-in Smiley Happy


Mine is exactly like your and my previous Captivate running GingerBread ROM is the same.

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Re: Corrupted Battery Screen

How will having the battery status display correctly run down the battery or burn-in the screen??  It's not like I'm constantly displaying this graph on my screen!


And just to confirm that this graph is just flaky, today it's working perfectly!






I'm going to stop worrying about this now.  I just was afraid that the corrupted display was a signal of something more serious when clearly it's just this one graph that doesn't always display correctly.




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Re: Corrupted Battery Screen

Because the store demo united showed the screen is on 24/7. AMOLED screens do not take that nicely.


Again, the blue dots means the paticular activity is on at that time. Since your phone won't be have the screen on all the time (your above screen shot is done 50 seconds after removed charger and probably the screen is on for that 50 seconds.


So, in your first screen shot, you will see when your phone wake up, when it sleeps and when your screen is on and when your screen is off, etc. That's how it works. It is an activity overview on the entire time line your phone is on (7 hrs 6m).

 For example, on the GPS line, it showed that you used your GPS at hour mark 3.5 and 6.5 and 7 because the blue dots/lines are display on those time slots. The rest of the time, your GPS is off (no blue dots or lines). Same goes for your wake time and screen on time.


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Re: Corrupted Battery Screen

Do you mean the stuff at the left of the screen?  That looks odd.  (Never mind, it's just a percentage grid.  Seems like your screenshot has a few pixels cut off.)


If you mean the intermittent blue bars at the bottom, this is EXACTLY by design.


"Awake" means the phone's CPU is running and not in deep sleep.  If this bar is solid, the CPU will always be running and battery drain will be significant.


"Charging" should be obvious - the phone is connected to a charger.  It happens that, by design, charging holds a partial wakelock - which means the CPU is not permitted to enter deep sleep.


Your screen, other than the odd "glitches" on the very left edge of your screenshot, are exactly what I'd expect for an Android phone.


The "mall device" screenshot is exactly what I'd expect from an Android phone in a store - these are connected to a charger at all times.


The blue pixels on the main battery screen represent a combination (ORing I think) of WiFi, Awake, and Screen On.  (It would make more sense for it just to be Awake time, but I know on my device, if WiFi is on and sleep policy is set to Never, the bar is solid.)


In your last screenshot, you've obviously just disconnected the device from the charger after it was fully charged, and have not turned off the screen since disconnecting the charger.  (Actually I just checked my device - I have solid bars now.  This is NOT working perfectly - my battery usage screen is showing that my phone is constantly awake with the screen on, but in reality, the screen has been off and CPUSpy says my CPU has only been awake 8% of the time.  I did turn off WiFi and GPS to conserve power after removal from the charger, I wonder if this has caused the screen to get "bugged".)

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Re: Corrupted Battery Screen

Entropy512 wrote:

Do you mean the stuff at the left of the screen?  That looks odd.  (Never mind, it's just a percentage grid.  Seems like 

Mine looks  the same, the stuff on the left side looks  to be by design(graph markerrs)..


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Re: Corrupted Battery Screen

Here are mine from this morning:


SC20111010-103944 (2).jpg


SC20111010-104012 (2).jpg


I unplugged the charger in the morning but left the wi-fi on until I left house. On the way to work, I use my phone to playback podcasts. So you see phone is awake for 30 minutes or so and battery usage is higher than normal. Overall, it is a pretty good graph and my phone works as it should. No extraordinary battery drain. All stock, not root yet.

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Re: Corrupted Battery Screen

Thanks foxbat21 and Entropy512.  The "light" finally went on when I read foxbat21's msg about exact times on my graph.  The earlier explanation of needing to "know what the dots mean" confused me enough that I didn't even consider that the bars went with the graph's timeline.



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