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Contacts transfer


Contacts transfer

Just bought an Infuse. Can I put my old sim card from my Solstice in the Infuse and transfer my contacts? With the solstice not being a smartphone, don't know if this is a problem.

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Re: Contacts transfer

Yes, you can. That's actually what you're sort of supposed to do. Smiley Very Happy However, with the Solstice not being a smartphone (as you mentioned), it probably did not have a data plan associated with it. In order to own the Infuse you must have a data plan - it's mandatory. I would call AT&T or visit in-store to add one before they automatically do. I think the standard automatic one they apply is the $25 2GB plan. You can choose between that one or the $15 200MB data plan, depending on how much data you think you will use.

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