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Contacting AT&T and Unlocking GoPhones


Contacting AT&T and Unlocking GoPhones



I'm not certain if I'm posting this to the correct forum. If not, I'd appreciate if you can forward me to the correct place.


Few months ago I was in student exchange in US, and bought an AT&T Go Phone, so that I'd have a cell phone during my stay. After a little of consideration, I ended up getting a Nokia C3 deal from Wal Mart, since it seemed to be the best one.


Back then I didn't know that AT&T locks their prepaid phones so that they cannot be used by other service provider. When my student exchange ended, I took the phone with me to Finland. Even though I have another cell phone, I took liking to the phone model, and would like to use it in my home country with the provider I have here.


My minutes have long ran out, and after browsing the forums a little, it seems that AT&T Go Phones would not work here anyways, so having the minutes to use the phone to call to US wouldn't work out.


I have a registered account on AT&T site, and it's still functional. I also have my SIM card from AT&T still with me, though I'm not certain if I still have the receipt and other package from purchasing the phone in US left.


My questions are following:


- Does AT&T provide unlocking for GoPhones?


If they do:

- What is the best option for contacting AT&T from abroad in this matter?

- What are the requirements for getting your GoPhone unlocked?

- Does AT&T take a fee for unlocking your GoPhone?

- Anything else useful I should know about it.


If they don't:

- What would be the best option to get my cell phone unlocked?


The time difference and international call fees make it difficult for me to just up and call the customer service number from my non-AT&T cell phone, so I figured I'll post and ask about it first.


I appreciate all help that you can give me.




Exchange Student

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Re: Contacting AT&T and Unlocking GoPhones

AT&T used to unlock GoPhones, although the last time I've done it was a couple of years ago. At the time the requirement was that you had an active GoPhone account for at least six months, the account had a positive balance on it and would not expire in the next 30 days or so. They only verified the account info, they didn't need a receipt or anything like that. The service was free of any fees, they just gave me the code.


Given that you're out of US, you'd probably have to call the International care number 1-916-843-4685 and be transfered to prepaid care from there.


Not sure what other unlocking options there are or if AT&T is still giving out unlocking codes.

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