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Contact Phone Number for Reconnecting GoPhone Account


Contact Phone Number for Reconnecting GoPhone Account

Is there a phone number that one can call to talk to AT&T about reconnecting an expired GoPhone account? I realize they might not reconnect it but want to ask.


If I cannot get the account reconnected, is there a way to get an AT&T prepaid SIM/account prior to arriving in the US in order to have cell phone access immediately upon arrival? Or, a second option, does anyone know if there is a way to get the AT&T prepaid SIM/account in Dulles Int'l Airport, Washington, DC?

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Re: Contact Phone Number for Reconnecting GoPhone Account

If your last refill expired more than 60 days ago, your prior SIM/account/phone number cannot be reactivated.  If you are currently outside the US, you can try contacting at&t at this phone number, although unless they are able to transfer you to the GoPhone customer service, I don't think you'll find much assistance.  (GoPhone customers cannot roam internationally outside of Mexico, so there is no need for at&t to provide the availability of GoPhone customer service on an international basis.)  +1-916-843-4685


IMO, the easiest thing to do is to obtain your new account/SIM/phone number once you arrive in the US.  Check the "Find a Store" locator link above for the closest location to your arrival point; there may be a kiosk in the Dulles airport, but I'd suspect you'll pay more for obtaining service there.  Another possibility is you may find an already activated SIM/phone number available for sale at eBay, etc. - maybe even with an existing account balance that you can purchase from someone who cannot utilize the account/funds any longer.

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