Connection Issues: 8800

Connection Issues: 8800

I have a Blackberry 8800 running OS 4.5, it connects via EDGE and I have an unlimited BIS plan.  My TCP settings are:




Password: CINGULAR1


I mainly use Opera, but occasinally the BB Browser and Bolt Beta.  The issue I'm having is; occasinally I'll try to navigate to a website and nothing will happen.  The connection arrows will show for a bit, but then they go away and nothing loads (I eventually get an error page).  I never had these issues on my iPhone (which connected to EDGE as well).  Any idea what's going on here?  I assume it's something to do with my phone because I've never had these network issues before.  



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Re: Connection Issues: 8800

I would try doing a battery pull when this happens. The problem could just be related to a lack of memory, or a coverage issue in your area.......
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