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Connect Nokia 6650 fold to computer


Connect Nokia 6650 fold to computer

I am trying to connect my 6650 to my computer thru a USB. I down loaded the ovi suite, but my phone will not connect I checked the USB cable a it is OK.

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Re: Connect Nokia 6650 fold to computer

Someone else may be able to give you better assistance with connecting via USB if you'll provide what operating system your computer uses, etc.


For what it's worth, I've never been able to connect to Nokia's PC Suite (predecessor to Ovi Suite) via USB on my Nokia E70-2 using Windows XP, but I've been able to do the things I needed to do via a bluetooth connection.  If it doesn't really matter to you which way you connect and your PC has bluetooth, you may want to give that a try instead. Smiley Happy

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Re: Connect Nokia 6650 fold to computer

In the phone menu, the connection settings need to be changed to "PC Suite". The default won't work. Look for it under Connection->Data Cable
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