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Conflicting Information for Orders?

Conflicting Information for Orders?

Checking the online order at:


Under "STATUS", it says "In Progress", which means:

In Progress: Our warehouse is still processing this item for shipment.


As opposed to "SHIPPED", which means:

Shipped: Our warehouse has shipped this item.


Under "TRACKING NUMBER", there is a FedEx tracking number. Now, I know it's standard practice to have the tracking number before it's actually shipped out (i.e. they bought the shipping, but haven't physically given the boxes to FedEx yet), however, tracking the tracking number, on FedEx, it says:

Picked up: Estimated delivery Apr 20, 2011 by 3:00 PM


Instead of what it should say (i.e. something like "Billing information recieved").


So, does this mean that the phones were shipped? Or what? Should someone be at the house tomorrow to sign for it, or what?

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