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Completely remove AT&T Address Book and all traces


Completely remove AT&T Address Book and all traces

I want to get rid of this horrible application.  I do not want to use it to sync contacts or use it as backup.  I do not want to disable sync because it will just reappear after any OS installation.  I need to completely remove the AT&T Address Book.  Please help.

BlackBerry 9800

OS 6.0

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Re: Completely remove AT&T Address Book and all traces

If you do not want an application on your device (such as the at&t address book), all you have to do is highlight the application icon and presss the menu key and click delete. It will remove the application from your device and a restart is usually required but will no longer operate untill reinstalled.

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Re: Completely remove AT&T Address Book and all traces

That's not how the AT&T Address book works.  It's built into the OS and is not a separate application that you can access to just delete or uninstall.


It shows up only as a second contact list along with the default.  The trick is to never activate it in the first place, otherwise all contacts from the "default" list moves to the "AT&T Address Book".  This creates a connection to an AT&T mailbox for online syncing and you are forever tied to that.  This also keeps you from being able to sync up your contacts with Outlook if you were doing that before.


Here is the issue as it came up on the Blackberry forums site and one solution on the last post.


Personally, having activated the AT&T address book myself by accident, I did a reset of the address books, then used BBSAK (free program "BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife" - google it) and manually deleted the 4 cod files from my BB that  relate to that address book:



Rebooted, and the AT&T Address Book was gone. I then re-synced my contacts from Outlook and they were all placed back in the "default" list and things are back to normal.  Of course, that also means that I will have to always load any new OS through my PC so I can delete those same 4 files from the install package.  Otherwise, my connection will re-establish with the AT&T mailbox and re-copy all my contacts back to the newly returned AT&T Address Book.


I guess one day I'll do as the post in the link above suggests and do a live chat with an AT&T rep to remove the mailbox.  Then forever ignore the auto "would you like to use the AT&T Address Book?" prompt on every OS re-install.


It's not a bad option, but it's implementation and lack of flexibility makes it awful.

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