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Comedy or Errors....aka: All I wanted was a new phone


Comedy or Errors....aka: All I wanted was a new phone

My ordeal started online.  It was an average day except for the fact that my blackberry had stopped working and I couldn't make or receive calls.  No worries I thought...I'll just go online and order a new phone.  I selected the "upgraded" Palm Pixi Plus.  Brilliant.  The only problem?  Every time I tried to pay for the phone the system would boot me out before I even put in my credit card.  I of course couldn't call and order a new phone as I didn't have a working one.


So my husband called and ordered the phone for me.  Or shall I say spent an hour on the phone with a person who had no idea what she was doing.  First of all, it should never take an hour to order anything, anywhere, EVER.  We bought our last car more quickly.  Oh and this one hour time period was when our comedy of errors really began. 


1) This particular customer service rep cancelled our messaging plan and never turned it back on.  2) She also cancelled our data plan and never turned it back on.  Keep in mind that I can still use my blackberry for the internet during the time I'm waiting for my new phone.  I'm frightened to see our next phone bill because of this.  3) She somehow managed to make the system think we'd ordered a Nokia phone (this and the data plan issue becomes important later). 


My poor hubby finally seemed to get the phone ordered and it did arrive promptly.  Can I activate it online?  Nope...the system thinks I've ordered a Nokia phone and has the incorrect identifying number in the system to prove it.  Oh good...I get to call customer service. 


The poor woman at the other end of the line clearly had no idea what to do with me.  I just wanted to get my phone turned on.  Always took 2 minutes with Sprint.  After 20 minutes with AT&T I STILL had no phone.  And now my blackberry was turned off also so I now had zero ability to text or go on the internet.  Time to get my hubby involved.


He then calls AT&T "customer service."  They tell him that they caught the error and have turned my blackberry on.  What???  I don't want my blackberry on...I want a phone that works which SHOULD be my new phone.  Furious!!!  And guess blackberry was never turned back on.  Again, I still don't have a working phone.  I don't know if the rep lied to my husband??  Was just trying to get him off the phone?? 


Oh, it gets better.  The rep I called told me my blackberry wasn't activated, my Palm was and "should be working fine."  Ummm....if it's working fine would I be calling you??  I explained that it was asking for an Internet APN and password.  Terrifying enough (although I am now not surprised), he had no idea what that meant.  He had to ask a manager.  (How much training do these people get?)  He returned to say "well, you don't have a data plan and you need one."  Hello!!!  I've had a blackberry for a year and a half and have always had a data plan for it!!!!!!!!  But remember, the rep who helped my husband order the phone had turned it off.


He came back with what I assume was a huge smile on his face.  "I have fixed your phone ma'am and it should be working  I have re-installed your data plan and everything should be fine." 


Nope.  Still asking for an Internet APN and password.  I can't call AT&T back because my husband had to go to work and had to take his phone with him.  And now he has to take his lunch hour and go to the AT&T store to hopefully speak with someone with a reasonable amount of intelligence. 


All I wanted was a new phone!!!  Robot Sad



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Re: Comedy of Errors....aka: All I wanted was a new phone



Turns out the last customer service rep I spoke with really DIDN'T fix the problem.  He cheerily said "I re-instated your data plan and your phone should work."  Nope.  The AT&T rep at the store my husband visited said the plan hadn't been active since we ordered the phone on Tuesday.


I don't understand this at all!!!  Did he lie to me??  Was he trained poorly and didn't know how to turn the data plan back on?


Seriously??  We spoke to 3 people on the phone to try to get this fixed and all three people made mistakes.  That is beyond unacceptable.  

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