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Comcast Arris modem + iPhone 4 on Mcell

Comcast Arris modem + iPhone 4 on Mcell

I've had the mcell for a year now. It's never worked well. I recently upgraded my Comcast modem to the Arris voice/data modem. Now I can't get the mcell to sync up at all. The signal bars icon at the bottom has been flashing for over an hour. This is the 3rd time at resetting all equipment.


Anyone have a fix?


ATT - will you take the mcell back after year? It never worked well, but I held out with hope that there'd be a firmware update to fix my iphone signal woes.

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Re: Comcast Arris modem + iPhone 4 on Mcell

I've been waiting for the magic firmware update to make the Microcell work for almost a year and a half now. I've been told by AT&T more than once that all I can do is eBay it.
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