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Code M2MCNG on an iPhone to Nokia for call of 1 minute duration: 49MB of data?


Code M2MCNG on an iPhone to Nokia for call of 1 minute duration: 49MB of data?

Data details on bill shows as 1 minute, 48MB of data usage  (sent, not received).


Googling code M2MCNG is appears to mean: moblie-to-mobile, Cingular.


My Mom is AT&T on a Nokia feature phone.  I believe AT&T bought Cingular at some point so that explains the Cingular.


On the bill, the charge is *not* in the SMS/MMS sections (both have no entries at all), it is categorized as "Internet/MEdia Net".


My iPhone shows a voice call at that time of 2 mins, but its SMS/MMS history has no call at that time.


Also, my iPhone, 3 mos old,  has never had its usage tracking reset, and outbound data is 55MB total, over three months.


I already called and AT&T, and he said they have no idea what it is. I don't need exact details, but I need to know how 49MB of data can be sent on a mobile-to-mobile, non MMS, 1-minute call.  Everyone I talk to says it should be impossible.


Email goes through the ISP, not directly to a phone.  FaceTime is not possible over cellular, and even if it were, she is Nokia.


I barely ever send SMS/MMS, I'm way too old for that stuff.


Anybody got any ideas? Any AT&T person can help clue me in?





attaching a screen snap.  "DT" means daytime not data.



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