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Clock on Tilt 2


Clock on Tilt 2

So far I have had no real complaints with my pruchase of the Tilt 2.  But I have noticed that Verizon/Sprint/US Cellular/etc. with the same basic Touch Pro 2 phones have a much better screen clock -- the weather shows up under the clock instead of a separate page.







Anyone know if we can get this for AT&T?  I would love it!

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Re: Clock on Tilt 2

try this site it has abundant sources fro tweaking your tilt -

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Re: Clock on Tilt 2

bwnotredame06 wrote:

     Try this site it has abundant sources fro tweaking your tilt -

WARNING: What ever you do, be matter what anyone says, not knowing what you are doing (or following the advice "it's easy, just go for it" ) can easily turn your $50.00 to 599.00 phone into a paperweight.  You can mod your phone, for sure, many do... but you can also break it permanently and void the warranty, too.


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Re: Clock on Tilt 2

The clock with the weather is part of the updated Sense interface (newer version of touchFlo 3D).  There is no official update for this on the ATT version of the phone.  However, there are unofficial ways to flash new ROMs with Sense onto your phone, as noted above.  Can't remember if there is a way to get the clock and weather without flashing a whole new ROM (completely overwrites all the data on your phone and replaces the OS).  You can browse around XDA and find out.

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Re: Clock on Tilt 2

Generally the way this works is the phone company pays for the phone and a "support contract" which may or may not include upgrades to the OS.


AT&T it seems has taken the low road on this and not bothered to get upgrades for this device as the only ROM available is still the shipped one.


Once again proving AT&T only really cares about iPhone... and Why not with it being something like 80% of their market?!


iPhoners have set a trend that has wrought Windows "Phone 7" or iClone.  Android here I come, probably NOT on the AT&T network.

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