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Check SIM Card


Check SIM Card

I just became a go phone user and i bought a little cheep phone to start off and i wanted to change to a different phone so my friend gave me a old razr and when i try to use it i put my sim in and turn it on then it acts like its got service then says unregisterd sim after a minute it pops up CHECK SIM and wont let me do anything ??? what can i do!!??!?!?!?!

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Re: Check SIM Card

You can contact customer service to see if they will unlock the SIM for you so you can use it in a different phone. 

They do have some requirements and they may not unlock it for a brand new customer. You can also obtain a replacement SIM at a Corporate at&t store if customer service won't accomodate your request. If you'll add funds to the account while in the store, they will likely not charge you for the replacement SIM, and they can provision it with your existing account information/phone number/balance.

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‎06-16-2017 9:57 AM

Re: Check SIM Card

Hello Community,


Although this is an older thread, we still get a lot of daily views on this content.  The assumption is, customers are getting an error with their SIM card, so here are a few options to help you resolve the issues you might be having.


Most of the time this error is caused by a SIM card that isn't activated, or it isn't seeded properly in the device.


You can view our support site on troubleshooting your SIM card which will hopefully resolve most of these issues.   You can also use our Troubleshoot and Resolve tool to troubleshoot SIM error messages, move contacts between SIM cards or devices, or activate a new SIM.  In addition, if you have more questions, you can view our overview SIM card article that goes into detail about the different types and more information.


If you continue to have concerns, please send us a Private Message to @ATTMobilityCare so we can assist.




Tim, AT&T Community Specialist

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