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Cheapest Plan vs. Add on


Cheapest Plan vs. Add on

Situation sister currently has an Iphone plan with her husband and they share unlimited everything. I want to know how much it would be for me to add on an Iphone to their account and if I would share the unlimited everyhing.


Second question is, what is the cheapest I could get an Iphone account on my own for. I am normally at places that have wireless, so that should help keep my data down, right?


Any suggestions would be appreciated!



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Re: Cheapest Plan vs. Add on

You would need a data plan for your line.  Their unlimited plan is probably voice and text messgeing.  There is not family unlimited data plans.  The cheapest data plan is $15 for 200mb.  The other plan is $25 for 2GB per month (my choice since you do not know how much data you will use).  As for adding to their family plan, it would be $10/month + what ever data plan you choose.  Make sure they have family texting to cover any texting costs you may have.  If they do not have that plan, you may want something on your line for SMS messages?


If you want your own plan, the data plans are the same as above and you can get a voice plan for $39/month.


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