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Cheap upgrade options if you are getting charged full price for your new iPhone 4s

Cheap upgrade options if you are getting charged full price for your new iPhone 4s

I am one of the unlucky people that got stuck with a high early upgrade price (additional $250 + $18 +2yr contract iPhone price) and I have been seeking out methods to get the new iphone 4s without a high cost. Several of my friends have given me input and here are a few, if you have any additional please post them!


-add a line to your current account: you can keep the new line or cancel it for still less then the full price of the new iPhone and your original line will still have its regular expiration date in case you want to change carriers or upgrade phones.


-switch carrier: it does in fact come out cheaper to cancel your service with AT&T, goto a different carrier and pay the lower 2 year contract price of the iPhone 4s, and now other carriers offer unlimited data plans as wel las other perks.


-just wait: it seems some people recieved the lower cost of the upgrade while other did not reguardless of purchase date, account status ect so there might be an announcement or otherwise on AT&T's part


Also if you are interested in leaving AT&T and you are worried about your contract, a simple search on google will show you several completely legitimate ways to cancel your contract at no added cost to yourself (changes to terms of service on our bills for ex) and this might be the cheapest method besides just waiting


I hope this helps!

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Re: Cheap upgrade options if you are getting charged full price for your new iPhone 4s

Not sure #1 works out cheaper. If you drop the new line less than 30 days, you have to give the phone back. Drop it after 1 month, and I think you have to pay the $325 EFT, plus you paid some dollar amount for 1 month of service. No matter how you slice it, it's going to cost more than $250.

For #2, that may be an option on price. However people need to look at what you are getting with the other service. I think only Sprint has unlimited data, for instance. Plus there is coverage, the inability to talk and use data at the same time, and the loss of access to AT&Ts free WiFi hotspots. Granted, these may not matter to some, but it may matter to others. Also, you have to see how these companies handle their upgrades at the end of the contract and whether they allow early upgrades.

From what I've seen, there are different upgrade dates based on type of line, amount paid per month, changes in monthly payments, payment history, etc. It seems that AT&T has some secret formula for determining upgrade dates. Just because some people are eligible for upgrades and others aren't doesn't mean that AT&T isn't following a consistent strategy. It's just that they haven't shared the exact formula for upgrade dates.

Another option is to just wait for your normal upgrade date. Given that it's now only a few hours away from preordering start, it doesn't seem that AT&T is going to change their mind. If they do change their mind a couple of days later, chances are all the phones allocated for launch day delivery are going to be long gone and you are going to have to wait a couple of weeks anyway for them to catch up with the backorders.
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Re: Cheap upgrade options if you are getting charged full price for your new iPhone 4s

And thats one of my biggest worries is that 1.5 months will turn to 3 because of back orders and such...
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