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Charges to use Prepaid Number?


Charges to use Prepaid Number?



I recently signed contract for two years for two lines. Before I was using At&t TO GO service. I was asked if I liked to move previous number to this new phone and I agreed. No one has informed me about the hidden $40 charges behind this. No company charge to use the previous number for new phone. As I got two lines I am charged $80 for both line and that is other than the activation and other charges that I have paid when I purchased the phone. I definitely don't want to pay this amount and I would like to look into this matter and canceled these charges




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Re: Charges to use Prepaid Number?

Kindly tell how to get this thing resolved?

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Re: Charges to use Prepaid Number?

What are the charges listed add on the bill?
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Re: Charges to use Prepaid Number?

Thank you for looking into this. Following are the details that shown on the bill for one line and similar for other. After inquiring I found that these charges are based on using prepaid number to postpaid account


One Time Charge for Upgrade Fee$18.00
Service Change Fee$18.00
Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge$0.46
Federal Universal Service Charge$4.61
State Public Utility Surcharge$0.10
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Re: Charges to use Prepaid Number?

The team member from AT&T Social Media Manager has resolved this issue for me. Thank you so much for your kind cooperation!! Smiley Happy

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