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Charges for Family Plan Reduced Rate Suspension


Charges for Family Plan Reduced Rate Suspension

Hi everyone!


I was wondering what are the exact charges for RRS when i only suspend a few lines?


For example, my plan rate is currently $50, and i have 5 lines, so each line adds an addtional $10. If i suspend 3 lines, do i still need to pay the RRS charge of $10 for each line (which i don't see how that's different from not suspending them) or do i just pay $10 in total for all 3 suspended lines?


Thank you!

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Re: Charges for Family Plan Reduced Rate Suspension

It would be cheaper to pay the $9.99 add a line fee, RRS only helps if you are suspending all the lines, dropping the plan charge on the main line or the data required fee for the smartphones. But not everyone qualifies for the RRS.


AT&T offers a Reduced Rate Suspension plan which will allow you to temporarily put your service on hold while you are away. Reduced Rate Suspend (RRS) allows you to voluntarily suspend your wireless service on a temporary basis for only $10.00 per month plus applicable tax. 
Requirements for Reduced Rate Suspension (RRS) are: 
-At least 6 months tenure (based on the mobile number requesting the RRS, not account 
-Your account must be in active status 
-Your account must not have a past due balance 
-If you have the Equipment Insurance feature, your mobile number is not eligible for RRS, 
  unless you elect to remove the feature to take advantage of RRS. 
-Both voice and data rate plans are eligible for RRS. 
-Important Information to Know: 
-Your account can be placed on RRS only one time during a rolling 12 month calendar, after 
  meeting the six month tenure requirement (based on the mobile number requesting the RRS,    not account tenure). 
  o Example: If you suspend on 12/15/06 and reinstate your service on 02/13/07, your 
     account will be eligible for RRS on or after 12/15/07. 
-You may remain on RRS for a maximum of six consecutive months (180 days). After the six 
  month period the regular rates are automatically resumed. No notification will be sent to 
  you prior to the re-instatement. 
-You must contact customer care to reinstate service (prior to 180 days). 
  o After the six month (180 day) period the full rate and service are automatically resumed. 
-RRS can only be applied once in a rolling 12 month period. 
-You are eligible for the same rate plan, as well as new promotions, upon return to an active 
-RRS does not affect your Terms of Service or length of contract. 
-Rollover minutes will not accumulate while on RRS; however, existing banked rollover 
  minutes that are scheduled to expire will still expire. 
-RRS will be made effective with the next bill cycle date following the receipt of your 
-Customers must request RRS via Customer Care. 
Billing While on RRS: 
While on RRS, you will be charged a monthly access charge of $10.00. Additional charges may be billed to the account, including taxes, airtime, toll, roaming, etc. 
o Billable monthly feature charges will be suppressed and features will not need to be 
o The invoice will show the $10.00 for the monthly recurring charges and applicable taxes. 
? Combined billing customers are eligible; however, the 10% discount will not be applied to the 
  monthly service charges while on RRS. 
? Accounts that become delinquent will follow the normal collections treatment path. RRS 
  does not relieve customers of their financial responsibility to make full payment of the 
  amount due. 
o We offer many payment options, such as myWireless Account, payments in advance, and 

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