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Charged for data oveage with Smart Limits applied


Charged for data oveage with Smart Limits applied

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Re: Charged for data oveage with Smart Limits applied

Hi, dmspen. We understand your frustration. Please call AT&T customer care so we can take a look at your account and talk through it together. Here's some more info about Smart Controls that might help ... The Browsing Limits feature of Smart Limits only controls usage over the wap.cingular APN (that's your MEdiaNet browser and If your phone has an alternate browser (like BlackBerry or iPhone devices do) the Browsing Limits feature won't work. AT&T does send free text and email alerts when certain thresholds are reached to help you manage data usage and prevent overages. If you still need help after speaking to AT&T customer care, please send me a private message. Thanks for posting!

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Re: Charged for data oveage with Smart Limits applied

Oh brother.... Further confirmed my feeling.  AT&T should just give up.  They are so behind on technology.  Smart Limits is wothless.

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Re: Charged for data overage with Smart Limits applied

It looks like there is a general lack of training within AT&T at all levels. Last week I took my daughter to the local AT&T store to purchase a new phone for her. Before making a decision to buy an Android phone I specifically asked the salesman if I could limit the data usage so that my daughter couldn't go over the data amount and incur extra data charges. He said that it could be used for that.


I received messages from AT&T over the weekend telling me that she was getting close to the 200MB limit but since I had set the Smart Limits to 195 MB I wasn't too concerned. This morning I got a message telling me that she had exceeded the 200MB. I checked online and yes it was at 206MB. I called the 800 support line and talked to a representative and he also told me that it should work as I thought it should. Then he transferred me to another rep. that also confirmed it. She was going to check to see why it didn't prevent the overage and assured me that she would take care of any overage charges.


That makes three AT&T reps. that don't have the correct information. I agree with another poster here; the Smart Limits "feature" is a joke. Since my daughter has a new smartphone and I can't block the overages it will be very difficult to keep her in check. Have you ever tried to pry a cell phone out of a teenagers hands?

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Re: Charged for data overage with Smart Limits applied

I almost forgot, make that four clueless reps. I initiated an online chat session and her is the transcript of that conversation:


Thank you for your patience! An AT&T sales representative will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with John P., an AT&T sales representative.

John P.: Welcome to AT&T online Feature Sales. How may I assist you with your features today?

Bob: Does Smart Limits browsing limits apply to a data plan on a smartphone?

John P.: I will be happy to help you with that.

John P.: It does not have to be a smartphone.  You can control internet usage on any phone.

John P.: But yes, it is data usage.

Bob: So if I have an android phone with a 200MB data plan I can set the smart limits to prevent from using more than the 200mb?

John P.: Absolutely, yes!

John P.: While you're online today, what else can I help you with?

Bob: Thank you, you have been very helpful. I just wanted to verify what I was told by an representative at my local AT&T store

John P.: Ok, you can easily add this feature here.

John P.: After logging into your account, click on MY ACCOUNT on the top left portion of the orange bar. Under the “Quick Links”

section on the right, click on “Manage Features.” Select the line you want to modify, and simply scroll down to the feature you

want to add or remove.

Bob: Thank you!

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Re: Charged for data overage with Smart Limits applied

What the reps failed to tell you is that it only restricts data usage if you are going to ATT Media Net Mall.  If they visit Youtube or other services (through icons pre-installed on the phone) it WILL NOT restrict data.  Also you kid can still receive calls even when time of day restrictions are set. 

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Re: Charged for data overage with Smart Limits applied

Who the heck uses ATT Media Net Mall? Are you guys stuck back in the 1990's? Smartphones have been around for a number of years now. How is it that AT&T can't get their act together on features not to mention overpricing them! I've been paying $5 per month for Smart Limits and was only able to restrict my daughter from making outbound calls after hours. I thought that I was finally going to get my money's worth with the data/browsing restrictions!


One more little tidbit. If I have the 200MB data plan ($15/month) and exceed that amount you automatically charge me another $15 for a measly 200MB more. But if I pay $25 per month I get 2GB. Aren't there laws against bait and switch and excessive fees?


I have been an AT&T/Cingular customer for over 12 years. In that time I have been mostly happy with the service. Even when my iPhone drops calls I just deal with it. However, nickel and diming me for poorly implemented features has really made me rethink my choice of wireless carrier.

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Re: Charged for data overage with Smart Limits applied

My sentiments exactly. 


Did you know that T-Mobile has a service that is called Family Allowance.  Yes, for $2.00 you can monitor all of the lines on your plan.  You can assign each line the amount of minutes you want them to use.  It DOES block all data usage and it BLOCKS all calls.  Yes, Inbound/Outbound calls during time of the day (or night) restrictions.  So it can be done.... AT&T get it together. You SO behind on technology!  I find it funny that their motto is "Rethink Possible"  LMBO!!!  They should be shaking their heads saying trying to catch up with Verizon and T-Mobile.

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