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Changing feature capabilities- a question to AT&T Corporate

Changing feature capabilities- a question to AT&T Corporate

We are new to the more advanced features offered by AT&T since we've added lines for our children, but we've been with AT&T for almost 10 years; from AT&T to Cingular then back again...


I am confused as to why AT&T has refused to take customer feedback relating to features and update them.  I intended to add several features, Smart Controls being one of them.  The feature obviously had to be initially designed by someone at AT&T with specific capabilities so it stands to reason it can be updated with better options and controls.


It seems the feature is pretty worthless for a number of reasons, especially since there is no way to block all calls (except perhaps from parents) during specified times (school or bed-time) nor can it monitor and suspend voice usage based on minutes used.


These are just a couple of the many shortcomings with the feature.  These problems could perhaps be overlooked if the feature was free, or if other carriers didn't offer more useful and flexible features. I was also looking at adding Family Maps, but it seems to have major problems as well...


My BIGGEST complaint has to be that AT&T has been getting the same complaints and requests for changes to the services for YEARS, as evident in the message archives here- yet they still refuse to affect changes to their services in response to the feedback.


So for AT&T- What does it take to get AT&T to listen to their customer's feedback and provide the services they are requesting?


I regret I didn't research the services more before continuing my contract with AT&T.  It is astounding that AT&T seems to not grasp the basics of "Customer Service" and wonders why users (and their check-books) are moving to other carriers.  So frustrating to pay for services and be ignored...





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Re: Changing feature capabilities- a question to AT&T Corporate



Over 60 views in just a couple of days and nothing but crickets...  Sad that my point seems to have been made regarding customer service...


Still awaiting an answer from Corporate or another user.






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Re: Changing feature capabilities- a question to AT&T Corporate

Corporate won't answer.  This is a user-user support forum.  There is no official ATT support here other that forum moderation.


As another user I could not tell you why they don't add the capability.  Maybe the cost involved in designing and implementing the changes right now is not worth the cost or return they might not get back.  Maybe it is being worked on and one day it will show up when they are satisfied with the changes.


Bottom line is ATT does not generally disclose new services and features until they go live.


If AT&T doesn't fit the services, features or pricing that your require and another companies does then its best to change.

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Re: Changing feature capabilities- a question to AT&T Corporate

Thanks to the perspective.  It is frustrating to pull the thread (no e-pun intended) on something like this just to discover customers have had the same issues for quite some time (years in this case) with no changes.  I figured this was a user-only forum but I have seen other forums of this type that companies monitor to garner useful data for improvements.  I still hope that someone with the power to affect changes actually will review threads like these and respond (with changes vice thread posts).  My intent was not to sound petty or to whine but to point out that issues like this have been documented by many folks.  Updates to support the customer generally help renewal rates.


I can pose the questions but ultimately my dis-satisfaction is a result of inadequate research, especially since other companies (read Verizon) offer this particular service.  I chose to renew my contract and get all of the good and bad associated with AT&T/Cingular/AT&T.  Next time, research will win out over haste and convenience- may the best service win...






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