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Cell Tower Problems


Cell Tower Problems

At my home we used to have pretty decent coverage (3-4 bars in back of house, 4-5 bars in open vaulted livingroom) but we had a few rounds of bad storms come through my area (central Indiana) and ever since then the cell cocerage at my house has sucked. Now just 1-2 bars of coverage with an occasional fluctuation up to 5 bars (although I think it isn't true) because calls take for ever to connect. I have checked multiple phones to make sure that mine wasn't the problem. Calls have also been dropping constantly, which they never used to do. I have already contacted support twice about the problem and they said they would make a ticket about the problem, but I don't really trust that they did. Is there another way to contact them, maybe higher up in the things to get done. If I could figure out how to post the screenshots from my iPhone I would. It shos the signal drop from 5 bars at 3:09pm all the way down to 1 bar at 3:10pm.

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Re: Cell Tower Problems

One way to help expedite it is look online for one of these tower locators. Get the road name for all the towers close to you. call customer service back and demand to speak with technical support (otherwise, CSR will just say' they're working on it"). When you talk with tech spport, first thing: as them to look up tower on road A, ask for a status.. then ask them to look up tower on road B, etc and so on. Then, because you've discussed towers with the tech suppor and if any of the towers are down due to storm, at least you can ask for a status when the towers will be brought back on line and the one tower thats taking all the hits now will finally free up , so you can start making calls again.

There will be some saying att cant and doesnt give customers updtes on tower services and the answer is "yes" they do. You just have to work it into your ticket(committment)
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