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Cell Phone and Home Internet Bundle


Cell Phone and Home Internet Bundle

My husband and I both have an iphone and about 6 months into the contract we broke down and added internet home service to a bundle...or so we thought.  We were supposed to reduce our phone minutes, texting, and data use and add home internet to a bundle (for slightly less than the original service contract for just iphones) but we are getting an invoice from AT&T for $200.00 for the home internet service...which has just been turned off.  Even if we hadn't bundled the least we should pay for home internet is $14.95 a month so this $200.00 bill is a mystery.


This frustration with AT&T goes back years for me and quite frankly I would use anybody but AT&T if they hadn't had the iphone.


It takes so much energy to deal with these issues so I want to know where to start before I start expending energy that will just go into a black hole somewhere.

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Re: Cell Phone and Home Internet Bundle

It is was your first bill on the internet service, it is prorated and htere is hardware / installation costs that are added in
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