Cases..............same or not


Cases..............same or not

I have heard mixed information about whether or not the iphone 4 cases will fit the iphone 4s case.  Seems like it was due to something about the camera lens.  Anyone have a new iphone 4s that can tell me.





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Re: Cases..............same or not

Apple retail store told me any cases for 4 will fit the 4S, but I can't confirm that.

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Re: Cases..............same or not

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MOST cases from the iPhones 4 should work. 

However .... it really depends on the openings I'm told. 



I bought a speck case, which has fairly large openings .... so it works just fine

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Re: Cases..............same or not

I've been wondering the same thing. From what I've heard, most will fit, but the volume buttons and the mute slider... thing were shifted slightly, so some might not fit properly.

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Re: Cases..............same or not

From what I've read, any cases made after the Verizon iPhone debut should fit.  Cases made for the original AT&T iPhone won't fit, since they moved the slider and volume buttons down a bit.  I don't think the camera lens will affect anything.

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Re: Cases..............same or not

The case should say explicity, either on the package or on the website from which you're ordering it, which iPhone model it's for. If it says "AT&T iPhone only", then it won't work with the new one. If it says it'll work with the Verizon iPhone, or both AT&T and Verizon models, you're OK. 

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