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Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S II


Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S II

I don't wanna pay $35 for a nerdy case from AT&T. The cheap ones on ebay work just fine for me. Problem is that the picture shown isn't the same as my galaxy s II. Anyone have suggestions where I can get one? TIA

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Re: Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S II

pmt1209 wrote:

archer_jed wrote:

I got this case from TF through ebay, paid 10 bucks for it. It's awesome because it has actual cutouts for the 2 microphones (1 mic and 1 noise canceler). Not covering the lock button is really awesome too. And it's really a tight fit. It came with a screen protector but it's front facing camera hole is really off.. so i had to cut it wide a bit -.-. But the case is awesome and cheap if anybody is still looking for one.

I hate to sound like a broken record but the photos they have for this case shows it using the International version of the Galaxy S2... 

If only I could change those photos to the ones I took of what I got. Ahyway, here's some pictures of what came to me:

One odd thing: I guess this really was meant for the international version because of the cut on the left side (i guess for lanyard or string hole?). But it really works perfect for the att version.

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Re: Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S II

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Re: Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S II

To update everyone...


I purchased this case from Amazon:


The case fits PERFECTLY.  There is no cut-out for the lanyard slot and the noise cancelling hole IS in the right place!  The buttons are pretty easy to push compared to the other TPU cases I have had in the past, even.  There is a nice lip around the front of the screen for face-down protection and the camera glass has a nice lip as well.  The TPU is not so thick it screws up the sleek design, but it does add a nice soft grip and just the slightest extra width that I actually like.  


So, there you have it!

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Re: Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S II

Case Mate POP update, went to plug in my aux. Cord in my car to play my music through my Rav4's system and found the opening for the headphone input is off center nit allowing the jack to plug in.... Disappointing to say the least, I could just widen the hole with a drill BUT wrote Case Mate and notified them of this issue and waiting to hear back before modding the opening... Anyone else with the POP case find this problem?
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Re: Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S II

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Re: Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S II

The Otterbox case for the international GSII fits my AT&T GSII perfectly.  There is no difference in the dimensions of the two phones.  The only differences in the the phones are the location of the noise canceling microphone on top, the home button on the front, and the AT&T GSII has no lanyard slot.


Cutting a tiny slot in the rubber plug flap (earphone plug flap) on top of the Otterbox case for the noise canceling mic just takes a few seconds and you're good to go.  I love this case.,default,pd.html

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Re: Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S II

I emailed SGP concerning their release of their Neo Hybrid case for our GS2 and they said it will be available in 3 to 4 weeks.. Strangley enough they list it as a ATT Galaxy S2 case but insert the warning about the noise cancelling mic hole (** Please note that the case covers the microphone hole and may result in possible sound reduction.), some ATT Galaxy S2 owners have already bought this case and drilled out the opening for the mic, thinking of doing this myself instead of waiting..

great looking case I must say..


SGP Neo Hybrid

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